First Outdoor grow


Grown in a mix of menure, locally bought pre-mixed soil. During Veg I used a mixture of fish emulsion & Grow Big. The opportunity to grow sprumg on me So I didn't have Time to prep the soil. I mixed in some blood meal that's about it. I'm using the Fox Farm line along with Sonic Bloom. So during transition it was half and half of Grow Big and Tiger Blooms along with a small dose of Sonic Blooms, Big Blooms, cal-mg. Now that I'm in flower FINALLY all of them. The LA Confidential, Sour Diesel, HGK, Girl Scout Cookies & AK 47 didn't start flowering until Aug 21st so frost is going to likely be an issue. As for pests mid Veg I got hit with Aphids, and leaf jumpers. I was irregularly spray neem. Lesson learned there. Thankfully however another product which is all natural killed them all after 2 treatments. Probably but I wanted to make sure. It's pyr something. What's nice about it is that it can be used up to a week b4 harvest without messing up flavor. Not sure I would trust that, but when your desparate ya gotta do something. Currently i have to get all of my plants trellises or something. I should have done it earlier but I didn't have the time and hoped with a wind break I bade they would be okay. The Critical Sensei Star has some nice Buds for being a month in. It's been so damn rainy out Im afraid to water them more and give them root rot. I do however have some fungus treatment on hand. I'll post more pics as they get more near completion. Oh I'll list my strains below. I'm Def going to cut it back next year when I bump up production. Get it down to some quick flowering, heavy yield dank. Then make my own strains after I build a facility. Northern Lights X Big Bud x 6 AK477 x 1 LA Confidential x 1 Early Blueberry x 3 HGK x 2 Sour Diesel x 1 Critical Sensei Star x 5 Blackberry Cherry x 2 Girl Scout Cookies x 1 Guerilla Glue x 1


Day 113 (Week 17)

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Day: 113

God some of the leaves turning bluish purple.

4 years ago

Day: 108

Roughly 2.5 weeks from harvest!

4 years ago

Day: 104


The Beauties

4 years ago

Sophiedel Beautiful plants

Jshwamie Thanks!

Day: 100

Early BB, Critical sensai star, SD, NLxBB, HGK, AK47, L.A. Confidential

4 years ago

Day: 100

Early BB

4 years ago

Day: 97

Workin on Trellises

4 years ago


metalmattak I really like your setup, I wish we could grow outdoors here. I wonder if you might be better off with stakes as opposed to a trellis. Either way they look great

Jshwamie Yeah it's to late to mess with the nets. I did the one but I did a diff one with stakes and string. That seems to be working fine.

Jshwamie Yeah Ill get some more pics up. We've been getting hit with frost already so been working on that. With a tarp over them they are taking it well But ya I got a couple more just tied into some wooden stickers

Day: 95


NL X BB Trichomes!

4 years ago

JustinCurtis You just using a phone camera ?

Jshwamie I am yes. Unfortunately it's an iPhone 10s so imo the camera sucks. I have another standalone digital cam I could try out. Why do the pictures not look the best?

Day: 95

Critical Sensai Star photo taken a cpl days ago. Look amazing.

4 years ago

Day: 90

Sour Diesel days away pre-flower

4 years ago

Day: 65

Can only see about 6 here. Couldn't find a Pic of all at this pnt.

4 years ago

Day: 15

Plants getting attacked by spiddle buds aka Aphids. These and grasshoppers or leaf jumpers have been the pests this year. They were brought under control using Pyrethrin/Neem. Some molding did take place on the soil underneath the plant however I was able to use Neem and another fungicide (all organic) to control it.

4 years ago

Day: 1

First 12 in the ground

4 years ago