2nd Grow Mamas Pie, Runtz, katsu bubba

Summer 2022

Organicare Truearth Potting Mix, Earth Juice Fertilizers Pro Grow, Pro Bloom, Bloom Master

Mama’s pie 1ea, Runtz 1ea, Katsu Bubba 2ea

Day 131 (Week 19)


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57 photos

Day: 131

Pulling Runtz 72 hours darkness then chop. Not sure if it was a sensitive sensitivity to the heat or the nutrients. But the leaves narrowed and allowed more light to the bottom portion of the plant and it ended up working out OK.

2 years ago


doworkson89 Nice looking plant man

IG @stick_e_fingerz

IG @stick_e_fingerz Hellz yeah nice 👍

Day: 56


Struggling to keep temperatures down. I have a 2x4 and 5x5 in a large laundry room with an vent in the room dumping a/c. I have to open the tent when the light comes on. Running a Spider Farmer S7000 LED bar light plants love the light. Want to get Co2 on a timer but that’s expensive equipment to start with. Suggestions?

2 years ago


ablood777 Added an intake fan which managed temps AC Infinity plugged into my controller.


ablood777 Running CO2 which attracted fungus gnats. Put something down which kills fungus gnats in 24 hours naturally.