First Grow

May 2020

Shelby (CCT, chopped tomatoes), Morgan(Charmander), Martha(MTNDew), Paolo(Dr Pepper), Kleine(PPT, plum tomatoes), Miracle(Orange Juice), Ceyda(Dr Pepper with cuts) Test grow for when I’ve moved into a place with a better grow area in July. Feeding with advanced nutrients, in general potting soil.


Day 32 (Week 5)

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Day: 32

Grow fasterr

3 years ago

Day: 26

Fed and watered. Morgan lost a leaf, hopefully won’t stunt too much. Began LST on Miracle tho it might be a bit early to bother. Just curious to see what happens.

3 years ago


moodswings? Goood job

Day: 19

All watered and fed

3 years ago

Day: 18

Drooping caused by stress from the transplant, but also because the soil was wet when I did it. May stunt growth for a few days but will be fine.

3 years ago


Mystrain420 Plastics cups next time. $1 for a pack of 10-20. The soda can aren’t too bad but the rim around the other can might make it harder to transplant and they’re gonna hold water longer. Good luck with your grow 👍🏾

Day: 17

Cardboard caused mould (obvs I’m a dumbass). Transplanted into cans for now so expecting some stunting from all but Miracle (orange juice)

3 years ago

Day: 15

Watered and fed.

3 years ago


dale2216 Looking good , lil leggy tho

Day: 13

All looking gorgeous. Mixed 8ml/2L nutrients to give them on Tuesday.

3 years ago

Day: 11

All looking really good (bar Paolo who may become an outdoor grow) Paolo, Ceyda and Miracle got fed

3 years ago


TheMorrisGardener Your plants need more light - maybe even better quality light. They’re all growing leggy and look stalled. This happened to me and someone on a forum post pointed it out - otherwise I would have thought they were doing well. They’re stretched thin like that because they’re trying to find the light. Also, I think using Mylar sheets would be more effective than tin foil and the sheets are inexpensive. The best option of course is a grow tent but for DIY you should go with Mylar. I have a photo in my grow journal of me playing around with some Mylar sheets before my grow tent arrived. The plants grew in all kinds of directions because the light distribution was uneven but if you can smooth it out on the walls you’ve created there I think it would work better than what you’ve got going on. Good luck and happy growing!

Day: 8

All looking good, on 1mg/1L veg bloom and micro.

3 years ago

Day: 7

Paolo severely stunted but new leaves coming through, might be alright. Martha still looking strongest.

3 years ago

Day: 6

Moved them over into makeshift bigger pots and moved lights closer at a higher output. This was to combat stringy growth.

3 years ago

Stark Watered them all, and have Shelby, Paolo and Martha some micro nutes. Martha’s growing well but, but Shelby looks a little weedy. I think Paolo’s fucked.

Stark *gave

Day: 5

Miracle (1,3) has a dead leaf but others seem to be developing ok. Ceyda (2,3) is the tallest and developing shockingly well. Martha (1,2) looks to be the best looking of them all however followed by Morgan (1,3). Paolo (2,2) is now missing a leaf, I expect some further stunted growth. Kleine (3,2) has a leaf that hasn’t opened but is okay other than that. Soil still damp, so don’t water until Tuesday.

3 years ago

macks1907 It looks like they’re stretching quite a bit

xxcalvinn Bring your light about a foot away buddy best result for not stretching

Day: 4

Kleine (3,2) has sprouted and Paolo (2,2) looks a little better. Freed Paolo (2,2) from its shell. Though an unhealthy colour, she still has a bit of root left so I’m hoping in a few hours that the green that looks healthy will begin to face up. Keep an eye on Miracle (1,3) for stunted growth. Moved to a 4H darkness period. Will have to manually control for 6 hours annoyingly.

3 years ago

Day: 3

Shelby (2,1) is looking strongest followed by Martha (1,2). I poked around the pot a little and freed up the stems a little for Kleine (3,2) and Paolo (2,2). Paolo (2,2) looks a little weak but Kleine’s (3,2) alright. The others who looked bad before are perking up as well. Ceyda (2,3) had some shell stuck to the leaf and some discolouration has remained.

3 years ago