W.C, F.U, J.H, C.C

All from seed

My first grow, cotton candy is already about 20 days old, wedding cake and jack herer were just planted this morning before work around 6:30am

Wedding cake, frosty unicorn, jack herer, cotton candy

Day 107 (Week 16)

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Day: 107

Day 42 of flower

3 years ago

Day: 86

Day 21 of flower. (Week 3)

4 years ago

Day: 70

Day 5 of flower, got a scrog net. Did lots of topping to the cotton candy (bottom left bushy mofo) but not to any of the other plants, didn’t top the frosty unicorn (top right) at all and cut off a lot of branches in hopes to just get one big main bud and a few smaller ones off the 5 small branches it has. Should’ve done more topping to jack herer (top left) and the wedding cake (bottom right)

4 years ago

Day: 65

First day of flower for the girls on 4/21/19.

4 years ago

Day: 53

All growing good

4 years ago

Day: 49

Switching to 12/12 in less than a month

4 years ago

Day: 32

Dug up the wedding cake that was growing all stupid, poor start up only leads to poor results, got a seedling from a work friend who had all female plants in one room, and one hermed out and pollinated the rest of the room, creating a super silver haze X LA confidential X sour diesel X cheese strain, should be good ! Seedling is about 2-3 weeks old I think

4 years ago

Day: 27

Removed one wedding cake as it was not growing and replaced it with a frosty unicorn that a guy at my work bred himself

4 years ago

Day: 15

March 2nd

4 years ago

Day: 9

Debating on digging up the wedding cake on the far right as it’s growing very slowly and seems to be struggling

4 years ago

Day: 7

Wedding cake in the back right seems to be struggling a little, hoping it turns around, if not I will dig it out and put a moby dick seed in its place

4 years ago

Day: 4

24h light cycle, switching to 18 & 6 soon

4 years ago

Day: 2

Plan on switching light cycle from 24h to 18 and 6 to trigger pre flowering after the development of the first node on both wedding cakes and the Jack Herer, cotton candy is on its 4th node

4 years ago

Day: 0

Just planted the 2 wedding cake on the right and the Jack Herer in the back left this morning at about 6:30am, cotton candy in bottom left is about 20 days old

4 years ago