Gorilla Glue auto


Sprout lives!


Day 33 (Week 5)


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Day: 33

New AC Infinity 4x4 advanced set

5 days ago

Day: 33

I have a feeling I got sent Photoperiod GG seeds rather than autoflowers.

4 days ago

Day: 26

Amazed by the rapid growth response in this phenotype

12 days ago

Day: 24

Our headless GG auto ladies and gents

14 days ago

Day: 18

She got topped

19 days ago

Day: 17


The top broke off :(

21 days ago

shawncody420 Oh nooo hope u where able to use her as a clone

Day: 14

First day of LST

24 days ago

Day: 9

This the only seed from I have ever gotten to pop and sprout does anyone here have experience with

a month ago

Day: 7

Surprisingly on schedule

a month ago

Day: 2

I did not think this seedling was going to sprout to be quite honest!

a month ago

Day: 0

I thought this sprout was a goner

a month ago