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Day 1 planting the seeds

Critical purple

Day 75 (Week 11)

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Day: 75

Can anyone help me identify what’s causing my leaves to look like this? Deficiency? Burn? The bud production appears to have stopped. Some leaves are brittle and cracking but not a lot of them.

a year ago


skanteog Looks shiny I think its sum type of nutrient burn

arrowmary2077 The picture adds a little shine to it I’ll post another one. I was thinking a nutrient burn. Should i go ahead and flush. I’m about 2 weeks from harvest or is it pretty much ride it out?


skanteog They start looking like that two weeks from harvest just flush once and water normally

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Day: 75

Need help

a year ago


Ricio All plant no bud.

arrowmary2077 Yeah i know, beginner grower.

Day: 74


Purple starting to show

a year ago

Day: 70

Can anyone help Me figure out what’s going on. I’ve noticed more of these brown spots. Water ph to 6.5 RH 45 RT 75-80 lights 24 inches above. 24/7 light

a year ago


tomclancy What medium are you growing in

arrowmary2077 Happy frog

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Day: 67


Packing on the pounds

a year ago

Day: 61

Started out mutated, now she’s looking beautiful.

a year ago

Day: 40


Low stress training - critical purple

a year ago

Day: 36

Critical purple, since last update I’ve repotted to 2 gallon pots.

a year ago

Day: 21

She’s turning around for the better now

2 years ago


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Day: 12

Critical purple. Looks mutated

2 years ago


mattekar Just a bit but give it some love, the 5 fingers might come in okay

Day: 3

So far 1 has sprouted 3 still under the soil. ( critical purple

2 years ago


46&2JustAheadOfMe I didn’t have much luck with this strain.. 1/3 germinated and then flipped to flower immediately from seedling lol. Wish it would’ve worked out though it looked good on the reviews! Good luck!

arrowmary2077 That doesn’t sound good. But thank you for letting me know! This run im wanting to update everyday with a picture.

arrowmary2077 So far out of 16 seeds only 2 successfully germinated, and sprouted.

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Day: 0

Starting the seeds

2 years ago