Monkey Bread - First Time Growing

May 2024

6 nursery pots of seeds from unknown strains. They fell out of my weed from past packs and I decided to try growing them. I am trying outdoors for my first grow. Kind of nervous but excited

Monkey Bread

Day 26 (Week 4)

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Day: 26

Growing in NJ sucks. Cloudy weather 70% of the time. This is my only promising plant, and I’m down to 3 pots now. RIP the other seedlings. Anyway, second node coming in.

13 days ago

Day: 14

My only decent seedling. The other 5 are leggy and swirly. NJ weather

a month ago


@eaegifts Ny here growmie 👋🏾

Day: 9

South facing window. 3rd day by the window. Seed shells almost detached from seedling. They are growing kind of wonky, maybe because it’s been nothing but cloudy.

a month ago

Day: 7

More sprout growth, moving to a window

a month ago

Day: 6


a month ago

Day: 4

There was mold in one of the pots. Sprinkled cinnamon in all pots, new humidity domes with bigger holes for air circulation, and placed in a new box.

a month ago

Day: 1

First day

a month ago