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Summer ‘22

5x Mimosa seeds by SUNDRO from dispo 8th. HLG 100 V2 FULL Spectrum w/ Blue Light supplemental light from cheap Amazon Light(miss yee 1000w)

Mimosa (reg)

Day 82 (Week 12)

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Day: 82



2 years ago

Day: 70


Midway thru Wk 4 and the ladies are stacking nicely so far. After upping the CalMag dose and the yellowing seems to have halted completely. I’m loving the stack on these!! I’m looking at the way everything is coming together and the terpify has the oils smelling like it’s namesake on one pheno with berries and citrine smells on the others…

2 years ago

Day: 37

Transplanted to 3gal containers ~ 12/12 light cycle under HLG 550 v2 ECO ~ CANNA NUTRIENTS Coco A + B and BOOST 2.5mL/5gal ~ MammothP 🦣 CannControl 30mL(?)/5gal ~ 5.9ph

2 years ago

Day: 11

Starting to green up and gain more color. Feeding Advanced nutrients Sensi-Gro, CalMag Xtra until runoff appears. PPM = 675 approx.

2 years ago