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Trying out nukehead seeds

Russian Tzar bomba

Day 49 (Week 7)

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Day: 49

Watered with calmag

a year ago

Day: 46

Nutes and recharge…

a year ago

Day: 44

Phd water.. just letting her do her thing.

a year ago

Day: 42


a year ago

Day: 38

Some nutes and a lil trim

a year ago

Day: 35

Calmag - roots are having a hard time breathing, made a mistake but still grow. Looks like pre flower also

a year ago

Day: 30

Some nutes and calmag

a year ago

Day: 28

Light water /FOOP spray

a year ago

Day: 26

A few adjustments to LST

a year ago

Day: 25

A lil recharge

a year ago

Day: 24

A lil LST

a year ago

Day: 23

Good feeding today 1/4 of Humboldt secret w/ golden tree and a hint of calmag

a year ago

Day: 22

Just a spritz

a year ago

Day: 20

Just ph water and growing away

a year ago

Day: 18

Just ph water

a year ago

Day: 17

Fuck it, went with topping her.. just once not planning anymore

a year ago

Day: 16

Growing nice

a year ago

Day: 14

Doing well

a year ago

Day: 12

Doing it’s thang

a year ago

Day: 8

Added some support

a year ago


ig:@eaegifts A gentle fan breeze will help strengthen the stem 👍🏾


SvenGali1102 Have 4 in there at the moment. I started them in another room and the light was a bit far, so they stretched fast.. but thanks for the heads up


xVADERxTOKERx It’s pretty typical for stretched seeds to fall over. It’ll get stronger and stand strong soon enough! 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 my favorite part is when you see the stem break through like the hulk tearing through his cloths to hulk out 😂🍻🔥🌺

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Day: 4

Moved to tent, a little recharged water

a year ago


gpurps I had one flop over like that. Propped it up with a couple of those spikes til she got stronger and Built up the soil around her so less sticking above ground.


HammertimeAZ Yea, she needs some support. I use old metal coat hangers and cut 12 to 20 inch sections, bend them in half so have a prop as well as a tie down as she becomes stronger. Good luck!🍀

Day: 1

Went into soil today, added a little recharge to soak and have it under a small led dimmed

a year ago