Mary Kate & Ashley Set # 3

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Here is 2 plants that were first transplanted to cups on April 18th. I had them in the window sill until May 8th which is when I switched them to large pots seen here. I used a mix Promix BX soil and Fox Farm Happy Farm potting soil which had some bat guava etc in it as well. These two sweethearts have had their first Nutrient dosage at time of transplant where I used a 4-1 combo of Green Planet Hydrofuel A&B, Vitathrive and ProCal. They are already almost as big as my second set which were I think 7-10 days ahead of these. Please provide any feedback or suggestions as I am thinking if topping these sexy girls!

OG Kush

Day 49 (Week 7)

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Day: 49

Transplanted the plants straight into the ground. Used Pro Mix Mycorrhizae. Had a little difficultly getting the plants out of pots as they were so rooted and I think with a few I may have broken some roots. Once in the ground I used my AB Vita Cal mix and water to allow ground to settle. I am now using the same soil chemical mixture and watering schedule for all 6 plants.

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Day: 24


First shot 2 days after transplant from cups

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