Bag seed #1

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Sprouted around Saturday 3/28 first picture is the 3rd of April the first documentation.


Day 99 (Week 15)

34 updates

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Day: 99

Final day for this girl! She served as a good starting point for learning how to grow, but with more coming in she is sickly and won’t yield much more than what she has. Say goodbye to my first!

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Hey man congrats👏 she was a great first run. What was your yield? Or are you curing right now

Day: 96

7/4 happy 4th! This girl has turned into a monster, she got thick but I also had a timer malfunction so we have some Reveg in here too, any advice?

3 years ago

Day: 84

6/22 buds growing nicely, starting to get thick

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Nice! She’s looking amazing man. Keep up the great work

Day: 79

6/17 had some accidental veg so I took them out of the grow tent! I’m sure i had light leaks and I wanna find out where from, other than that she’s flowering beautifully, hopefully we can get her back in flower

3 years ago

Day: 74

6/12 transplanted because it had symptoms of being root bound! But it might just be hungry As well, we’re going to see how she does in a bigger home tho. Also I finally got my tent!

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Nice tent! And she looks like she’s coming along great!

Bhrystvn Thanks man!

Day: 72

Just a lil update, it’s flowering pretty nicely, can’t wait till harvest!

3 years ago

Day: 69

6/7 update, she’s been growing nicely!

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Holy!!!! This thing took off!

Bhrystvn It did! It was so small then just shot up in flower and I wasn’t expecting that

Braydenjenks They call it the “stretch” i happens after flower is started because the plant is trying to reach for the light because it thinks it’s ending the season. Pretty spectacular to see how nature can react to its environment

Day: 58


5/27 did a trim and some lst, the growth got out of control and she got really big for a solo cup, but other than that pretty healthy 🤙🏽

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Ayeee then hairs though! Looking good!

Day: 51


That flower growth spurt! She’s getting bigger by the day, no Nutes used or anything, just watering!

3 years ago

Braydenjenks I see 2 strong stalks, going to make some nice colas🤙

Day: 48


She hit a big growth spurt, guessing its flower time! She also is showing sex and it’s a girl! 5/17

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Nice man! You have had some significant change as well! Looking strong 💪

Bhrystvn Thanks man! Didn’t expect it to start getting up this fast

Day: 42


She’s been doing well since the trim! Just growing slowly, I wonder when it’ll start to show the sex

3 years ago

Day: 38

Got her trimmed down to focus on all the important stuff! And more training 5/7

3 years ago

Day: 36

More trimmed leaves! She’s doing great more LST and watered today! 5/5

3 years ago

BigousDikous Looks just like mine

Day: 33

Flush really helped slow down the nute burn & the LST working great

3 years ago

Day: 32


Watering day! I’m going to flush since I noticed some burnt tips, other than that she’s been doing really well and responds great to the LST

3 years ago

Bhrystvn 5/1 flushed with 2 cups of water & did some more LST to make everything even

Braydenjenks Dang man! Looking good!

Bhrystvn Thanks man!

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Day: 31


Was going to go the full lst and noticed some nute burn! So when it’s time to water I’ll be flushing the cup , but for now I’m just going to monitor how she’s growing

3 years ago

Day: 30

The girls today! The two new tops are growing in slow but I have the other side tied down so it can grow the new shoots no problem. I’m also going to germinate 2 seeds today for a new grow 🤞🏽

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Lookin good!

Day: 28

Day 3? From topping and she’s looking good! I think she grew another top out of the other side so when it gets long enough I’m going to lst that as well

3 years ago

Day: 27


More LST for my baby, removed other plant so spider mites wouldn’t spread. I also have the nutes I use in the back!

3 years ago

Bhrystvn I mixed the nutes in the my water and fed that way

Braydenjenks Nice man! She’s looking good! I’m going to top mine today!

Braydenjenks Dude, I did it. Go check out my profile and take a look!

Day: 26


Giving her a small dose of nutes today through watering, also giving distance between the two plants

3 years ago

Bhrystvn Watered today 4/24

Braydenjenks What nutes did you go with?

Bhrystvn Some of this random brand from Lowe’s! I’ll upload so you can see!

Day: 25


She’s looking good! Growing everyday. I’m going to top this for the first time and see how long it takes her to recover

3 years ago

Braydenjenks What benefits do you get from topping? And how many’s sets of leaves do you have before you topped it?

Bhrystvn I topped one I seen she was starting on her third node, kinda early but I wanted to experiment on her kinda. But after this she will have 2 main stems growing where I topped her at! This is for increasing yields and getting her in shape so she won’t just grow upwards with one main stem!

Braydenjenks I thought that I’ve read that. Thanks man. If you were growing mine. When would you recommend on topping mine

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Day: 24


My lil mutant today lol

3 years ago

Bhrystvn She’s so short I’m confused on when to add nutes? Any suggestions?

Braydenjenks Hey, go to google, type in fox farm nutrient dosing and there is a really good chart to relate from. Right now I am feeding nutes 2 times a week

Day: 23

Started LST last night and she already curled up back towards the light! Also got rid of the bottom leaves as they were completely dead atp

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Dang man nice. I wanted to start that today actually. I just bought some pipe cleaners. I’ve been hesitant to start.

Day: 22

Still losing the bottom leaves, idk what’s going on but she’s a trooper cause she’s still going strong at the top. She’s a lil mutant at this stage lol

3 years ago

cfitz the true leaves will turn yellow & begin to fall off once they are ready for you to add nutrients! mine are about at the same stage as yours

Bhrystvn Thanks you for that advice! I didn’t know that at all, and my baby grew up a lil bit more!

Braydenjenks I didn’t know that either! We were both curious about that lol. I remember talking about it a few weeks ago

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Day: 21


Bottom leaves starting to die off for some reason but she’s been growing! The leaves are also looking a little darker green so I’m thinking it might be nitrogen toxicity, any suggestions on how to fix or if I’m correct?

3 years ago

Bhrystvn I did more research and it also might be from overwatering as well, I’m gonna monitor her on just light for a couple days and see how she does

Braydenjenks Honestly man. I did the same thing. My first set of leaves (I call them the pod leaves) mine fell off yesterday but mine is strong as ever! I was too over watering. And I only do a healthy watering every two days. It seemed to really take off after I started on that watering schedule. Also I have a fan on my plant to help evaporate the air. The way I look at it. The plant needs to have the dry soil to grow, just as much as wet.

Bhrystvn Thanks man for the advice! You don’t know how much it’s been helping! & yea I didn’t want to focus on those two leaves too much because the rest of the plant was thriving and healthy, I’m gonna let it dry out and try to put it on a regular schedule then

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Day: 19


Just some update pics! Got some sticks in there for when I start LST, and some close up pics as well!

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Nice man! Looking good!!

Day: 18

Little more growth for my girl, She’s been pushing through despite some hiccups in the beginning

3 years ago

witchcat Bagseeds in illegal states team! She’s lookin good

Bhrystvn Gang gang! Thanks man, going to be following yours as well

Day: 17

Switched to 12/12 yesterday

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Looking good man, what kind of lights are you using?

Bhrystvn Just some bulbs I had around the house, this is my first grow I’m also in a illegal state so I used stuff I had around the house

Braydenjenks Oh for sure. I live in Michigan. We are a rec. state. Actually about to head to the dispensary today for the first time, my wife and I are pretty excited

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Day: 15

Lil overnight growth

3 years ago

Braydenjenks When are you going to be starting it with some nutrients? And what brand are you going to be using?

Braydenjenks I just noticed your comment about asking for suggestions on nutrients. I was going to use snoops grow nutrients and I bought a bottle but it looks like to get the right amounts I have to buy a ton of different bottles. I read some good reviews on fox farm! So I ordered their 3 pack. It was like 30 bucks on amazon. I’ll post my grow and put a pic up of my nutrients so you can see them

Day: 14

Coming along

3 years ago

Day: 12

Transplanted to the full cup last night instead of the seed starter. She probably won’t show any growth while she recovers

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Dang man. I haven’t been on in a few days. It good to see your progress. I posted today as well. Your stem looks like it should recover in a week or so. Make sure you scrog as soon as you can get some height. It’ll level your main stem coming up.

Bhrystvn Thanks for the advice! It’s nice to have someone to track the grow progress with

Day: 11

Still growing, moved to closet for full grow

3 years ago

Day: 8

Transplanted out the bigger pot because of possible nute burn, she took this extremely well and started to recover

3 years ago

Day: 7

I switch between sunlight/growlight depending on how it looks outside. Seedling fell over today but I put up something for support

3 years ago

Braydenjenks Very nice. We are one the same day doing the same with lighting. Good luck to you. I’ll be following your grow to see the comparison of our grows. What nutrients will you be using?

Bhrystvn No nutes so far! Any suggestions?