Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla

1 Gorilla Zkittles, 1 Nebula, 1 Unknown

Winter 2020-21

Growing all plants under spider farm led in a closet grow. Soil

Mixed strains

Day 192 (Week 28)

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Day: 192


10 weeks, they still don’t look done.

3 years ago

Day: 185

8 weeks on the 14th.

3 years ago

GrowingFlatBroke How long did you veg?


dudeface Nice crystals

Day: 177


7 weeks flower 🌸 gonna leave gorilla zkittlez to 9 the rest have a way to go

3 years ago

Day: 170

End of week 6 started flushing on gorilla zkittlez. Other 2 are gonna bdd we a while yet

3 years ago

Day: 166

This is a pic of the last batch ! Tangerine dream ! Some of the strongest head duck weed I’ve ever grown !

3 years ago

Day: 162


End of week 5. Buds are taking a while but 2 are mainly sativa. Co2 ran out after 2.5 weeks. Just ordered 2 more

3 years ago


sapper02002 What Co2 do you use?

Day: 156


Just finished week 4. Decided to add an airbomz unit at the beginning of the week to see what difference the co2 makes. Never used it before. Plants are coming along nicely! The gorilla zkittlez have very dense buds. The Nebula is a little further behind and I’m guessing the unknown is mainly sativa as it’s looking a couple of weeks behind. Let me know if anyone has an idea of what it may be. Obviously early doors yet. 👍👌🪴

3 years ago


combatmedic81 How often do you have to replace that can in the co2 unit

hideawayacres C02 is amazing stuff. what ppm are you running it at? Also them sexy ladies going to wanna eat! My flower rooms are 12x12 and I try to keep them around 1200 ppm. I usually start tapering off the co2 the last 2 weeks.


MASON7HEFIRS7 I’ve got it running day and night every 2 hours but my space is tiny ! I’ve been told that it should last around 3 weeks on current setting !

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Day: 148

Exactly 3 weeks flower today. The unknown strain is def looking like a sativa, about 2 weeks behind the other two !

3 years ago

Day: 128

Shifted to 12/12

3 years ago