Mystery bean grow

End of winter/pre-spring 2023

Ended up saving these 2 beans I got outta fire bag seed basically just can’t remember the strain

Mystery beans

Day 13 (Week 2)


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Day: 13

Gonna transplant in 1gal pot on day 20 on these photos roots are filling these lil pods up nicely

a year ago

Day: 7

Sprouting good pushing it’s 2nd set of leafs

a year ago

Day: 4

Got a tri-leaf mutation on seed popping germination on day 4 and I added .5ML Root&Grow to gallon of water mixed and ph’d to 6.2 and slowly raise the ph gradually to 6.5 as they grow into healthier beginnings of veg stage filled the container about 1/4 in to bottom feed the root to force tap root growth and hoping these lil girls can fill this container with a nice beginning of a root ball to switch into a bigger pot on they’re first transplant once they’re ready I have them under a mars hydro 200w on 30% will be switching led’s in few days once I clean the veg room out and bleached

a year ago