Spectrum king 402 (Flower)

Nebula’s manifold technique

Started in 4 x 12 litre square pots but repotted into 4 x 20 litre Airpots. All in a 1 x 1 x 2 m tent using the Spectrum King 402. I’ll be using Nebula’ manifold technique and the SK 402 through out the grow. Harvest: GDP: 2 Oz CBD Yummy: 2.7 Oz CBD Nordle: 2.4 Oz

CBD Nordle, CBD Yummy, ken’s GDP and God Bud

Day 70 (Week 10)

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Day: 70


Harvested plants. First off, my apologies for not responding to comments. Just realised there were lots of unanswered comments which I got no notification so didn’t know they were there. Unfortunately after the grow I realised my PH pen was not working so it was not reading the ph of the water correctly which was causing nute lockout. Hence there was yellowing in the leaves from quite early in flower. Someone in this page commented pointing this out which made me want to look into it and the ph pen was off my a very large margin! So it must have affected yield too. Anyway, the SK402 light is awesome! No heat issues, noise and low wattage! So happy with it! Next grow should show better results by keeping ph in check! GDP: 2 Oz CBD Yummy: 2.7 Oz CBD Nordle: 2.4 Oz

5 years ago


Jtroc675 I need that spectrum 👑 !! Nice grow anyway!

JC Thanks buddy! Man, it’s a beautiful piece engineering. I LOVE it! I was hoping for better yield off the bat. But I did fuck up a bit so I’m hoping this next one will yield a little more. Still very happy!


Jtroc675 Got that SK4000!

Day: 45


GDP is fairly ahead of the other two plants. But we will see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

5 years ago

ClandestineWestOz They look delicious! What week if flower is this now?

Day: 38


Been feeding full dose as per Canna feeding chart and signs of nute burn and it seems it has stopped the yellowing of the leaves.

5 years ago

Mikeytree Looks lovely. Good job grower👍🏻

ClandestineWestOz Check out that bud production though bro, chunky!

HIGHwayman Beautiful! What kind of lights are you running?

Day: 31

Buds starting to grow and a lot of yellowing of the leaves.

5 years ago

Friedumpling How’s your pH? Seems early for any kind of yellowing. Might be a nute lockout for the pH being off. Just a thought 🤓

JC Sorry for he late reply! Had my alerts turned off it seems. Any who, you were 100% on the nose. At first I thought it was a deficiency. But only after harvest I realised the ph pen was reading MUCH higher than it should. So I actuality my PH would have been very low which affected the plants and yield, most likely. Got a new ph pen and for next grow it should work? If it doesn’t I’m screwing up somewhere!

Day: 24

God Bud is gone as it was a male and now replaced with a black Valium clone which is a couple of weeks behind the other 3. CBD Yummy seems to be a hungry plant.

5 years ago

Day: 17

Plants starting to bud and already have yellowing of leaves. Still unsure of its from lack nutrients or what.

5 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Try a light foliar spray with Epsom salts


Jtroc675 It’s from lack of light, get rid of the bottom growth till there is light penetration at the bottom of the canopy

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Day: 13


The God Bud became a male so I had to pull it. I’ve used a small clone which is called Black Valium to replace the male God Bud.

5 years ago

LOV|LED Dang I wanted to see how that God Bud turned out. I had to toss mine as well. Oh well, next time.

LOV|LED Are you going to keep it for seeds?

ClandestineWestOz That sucks bro it’s fucked putting in the hours just for that shit to happen 👎

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Day: 10


Starting to get excited

5 years ago

Day: 4

Gave the plants a little clean up. Nothing too aggressive but enough to allow light to go through the tops. Will review if more needs to come off 3 week into flower.

5 years ago

Day: 0


Just switch to flower so tomorrow will be day 1.

5 years ago