The Golden Girls

First indoor

4 plants in smart pots and coco as the medium. Using RO water, General Hydroponics, Recharge and other beneficial bacteria. 2 Tahoe OG and 2 Kosher Dawg.

Tahoe OG and Kosher Dawg

Day 10 (Week 2)

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Day: 10

I believe I caught the problem starting about 3-4 days ago and turned it around. I think because of all the watering without cal mag and RO water had made the bag deficient of both plus the coco was holding onto potassium the plant needed. Monday night/Tuesday morning I flushed the bags till the ph was where I wanted it to be then did a basic week 1 feed with cal mag. Monday evening I feed them more Ph’d water/calmag/floragro for the potassium. This morning they are looking very good. The lime green that is associated with cal mag def is starting to go away and no more turning leaves.

6 years ago

wiffybead Nice bounce back. I had a similar issue on my White Widow grow. Didn’t feed anything but ph’d water on the third watering and she went wonky. After that I included CalMag in every watering (even when I didn’t feed nutes) and didn’t have an issue again. Not saying my solution is yours but every bit of info helps as far as I’m concerned :)

Day: 7

The girls are at the end of week 1 and look pretty good. Lights gradually increased to week 2 through the week. Watered once today with just cal mag and water. Will water tonight with cal mag and nutes. The LST training is paying off so well that the lower branches and new node points are exploding. I think by the end of next week they will be developed for more training.

6 years ago

wiffybead Looks like you are getting some spots and burns on your leaves. What kind of nutes are you feeding them and how much/frequently?

ProjectDreamland They are being fed Gen Hydro 3 part system with cal mag every other watering. So far this first week they only had the one feeding to test how they reacted. The Kosher Dawg (KD) has had some literature about both parent strains being “nute hogs”. So don’t know. Just water/cal mag/ and beneficials the rest of the week. Just keeping an eye on them. Also the amounts given with 1gal of water are roughly a third or less than the manufacturers recommended dose.

wiffybead Wow that’s crazy. I’d say they were being over fed based on the leaf damage, but it sounds like you are running soft right now. I’m not experienced enough to grasp what’s going on there. Hopefully these nice resilient plants are just going through a phase and will bounce back for you.

Day: 5

Water and rapid roots tonight. Girls are looking swell. Two of each are standouts so far. Color and structure are all balanced and strong. I will most likely use these two for cloning.

6 years ago

Day: 4

Just swell

6 years ago

Day: 3

Good morning ladies! The LST early on is working perfectly. Blanch was accidentally super cropped but has come back hard proving she is just too much for any one man. This evening we are watering all the ladies with their first full dose of nutrients. I have been feeding mostly organic beneficial bacteria to promote a well balanced home for the girls. I will double my micro nutrients tonight because I’ve noticed some possible iron deficiency. Temps are hot today. I’ve turned the ac off, opened the house up for fresh air. Tent is currently 86 with 51% RH. Trying to let these girls harden a little and temps are well within my 15 degree swing.

6 years ago

Day: 2

12pm Lights out soon and I will foliar spray with a nutrient mix on my 15 lights out cycle. 15 min pre/post lighting schedule using lights to mimic sunrise and sun set. Gives me 15 min to foliar spray on the start of the sleep cycle. Plants looked better this morning after that 1am feed. Still see some lingering signs of nute def. Fed the other half of the 1am mix at 1pm to the ladies and prepped for lights out. Started immediately some minor low stress training. There is some fresh leafing on the inner nodes and on the main stem. Used a bamboo rod laid across the riser and looped gardening string to loosely pull the tops toward the center as to expose the new growth to fresh light.

6 years ago

Day: 2

1am plants still looked like they needed some nutrients. 5.8 water with my week 1 mix to a gal of water. Mixed the nutrient batch into a separate gal of RO water brining the ppm to around 150. 6.0 ph. Fed all 4 1gal of mixture and kept water to test.

6 years ago

wiffybead Nice info PD!! Glad to see someone who realizes this is a grow journal and not a slideshow. It’s folx like you who help me in my own grows! I dig your LST method as well. Keep growin and keep showin!

ProjectDreamland Thank you so Much for the kind words. All of your grows by the way, are awesome. Thanks for sharing your process.

wiffybead Ha! Process! I don’t think I’ve grown using the same process from one grow to the next. Although I am stabilizing :). A few more rounds and I should have an actual process in place. For now though, there are just too many Grow methods and I seem to need to try them all. 🤪

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Day: 1

Picked up the clones during the evening and immediately sprayed organic pesticides on the plants for several cycles with HB-101 and Plant Therapy for the first hour. Plants stayed off to the side under a fan to keep the foliar sprays from drying too slow. Transferred at 9pm into 1gal smart pots. Pre filled holes with Mykos and Azos and back filed clones adding fresh coco where needed. Watered 4 plants with 1 gal of 5.8 water with roots activator and HB-101 only. Plants are a little K deficient. Some strange leaf damage. Possible mites so I sprayed vigorously.

6 years ago

Titi Hey bro I need some help with my plant idk what wrong with it can you help me

ProjectDreamland Of course, how can I help. What’s going on?