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Have 4 plants of master kush that were given to me, it’s my first time growing weed they were dying when I received them I brought them back to life cleaned them up and induced the flower stage I believe I am still in week 1 of flower but I am unsure if any one could comment and let me know what they are thinking

Master kush

Day 2 (Week 1)

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Day: 2


What week of flower?

3 years ago


WarrenH Ok cause I received it from a friend who had to get rid of his plants they are clones I believe and are not growing no more new grows they went through a heavy prune but never showed much signs of stress, what do I do next? Is there a certain fertalizer I should use or??


WarrenH Thanks man !! Much appreciated they were not tended to he never topped them or LST ect ect no nutrients and so on. Thanks for the tips though