Gorilla Zkittles x2, Big bud x2

Spring 2020

4th grow 4 total plants, all from feminized seeds Strains: 2 Gorilla Zkittles and 2 Big Bud. Lights: 2x Mars SP250’s (800w HPS eq) Medium: Grown in a locally pre-mixed organic super soil in 3 gallon plastic buckets. Water: filtered tap water, switched to unfiltered tap water with chlorine left to evaporate. Plants seemed to like unfiltered the most. Training: Topped once each. Tied down branches briefly to get some width Additional supplements: TnB co2 bottle flowering weeks 3 and 4. Supplemented some Epsom salts when plants showed interveinal yellowing

4x hybrids

Day 123 (Week 18)

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Day: 123

Week 8 day 1 of flower. The leaves are really turning yellow as they finish up. The bottom right plant (big bud) seems to be almost ready for harvest (today is the early side of the range provider by the seed company). About 40% orange hairs that are curling back towards the bud. Probably harvest some time this week. I will get my jewelers loupe and take a peek when I can pick it up from my brothers. Not filling out exactly as I wanted but you was higher than my meter was telling me (meter told me 6.9 and my ph drops testing the runoff said almost 8.0) but still getting a nice smell coming off the crop and seem to be dense.

3 years ago

tt78 Can you have a look at mine week 5 flower

Day: 114

Week 6 day 6 in flower. Seems to be going well for the most part. No concerns for the past while. Funny side note, I had some buds growing on my fan leaves lol I trimmed probably 8 or so off to prevent plant energy waste on them. Didn’t want to do too much at once, will let plant rest before taking off more. I chopped probably half of them.

3 years ago

Day: 108

Week 5 day 7 of flower. Little underwhelmed by the progress this week, after not moving the light back far enough after cutting off the co2 gave a bit of light stress. Still progressing and I don’t think I did serious damage, just slowed growth for a few days. About 3-4 weeks to go still

3 years ago

Day: 103

Week 5 day 2 of flower - plants have moved from having clusters of cotton balls to having more of a bud structure. I accidentally bumped a top lightly today and could feel decent density already. Plants are 8-9 week strains so we’re about halfway through.

3 years ago

Day: 101

Week 4 day 7 flowering - buds are starting to grow into each other to start forming long bud stalks. Some necrosis of lower leaves beginning to show, but very little

3 years ago

Donroos ***stopped using co2 bottle today and went back to using ventilation for a fresh co2 supply. Will use ventilation for remainder of grow so I keep my humidity low***

Day: 100

100 days from seed. Plant is on week 4 day 5 of flower. Co2 bottle isn’t hissing as much so it’s almost done but the plants seem to be so thankful for the extra co2, embraced the high heat and light intensity, will use again next grow. Plants seem to be developing budsites nicely, should have actual buds in a week I’m guessing. Nodes seem to be stacked tightly and should grow into eachother for long tops on the plants

3 years ago

Day: 95

Week 4 day 1. Plants are loving the co2 and high heat! I will definitely consider using co2 in early flowering again. Not considering co2 in later flowering because the humidity gets quite high after watering, so with being unable to run my exhaust fan and to avoid potential bud rot, it’s an early to mid flower option only. But it’s fucking awesome and my plants are perky as hell soaking up the intense light I’m giving them.

3 years ago

Day: 88

Week 3 day 1 of flower. Plants seem to be getting bud sites showing all over. Plant is still thirsty, I water every day or 2 now. As you can see these ladies needed a drink, should have taken the picture after, but here we are lol *** added co2 to the grow today, we’ll see how it works out. I will not be using the exhaust fan while co2 is being used. Without exhaust fan, the temps get up to about 29C but the plants seem to love it.***

3 years ago

Day: 81

Week 2 day 1 of flower. Plants had a decent stretch and seems to be past the light burn. Demand for water increased a lot. I water pretty heavily every 2 days.

3 years ago

Day: 74

Day 74 from seed. Flipped to flower. Lost about 7 days of growth progress from the light burn but it’s back on schedule and seems to be back healthy heading into flower.

3 years ago

Day: 66

Day 56 from seed. Was dumb and thought because I was later in veg that my plants could handle extra light, boy was I wrong. Gave the GZ some light burn but the BB handled it actually not too bad. Won’t turn on 2nd light until flowering again, lesson learned.

3 years ago

Day: 32

Day 32 from seed. Plants have rooted nicely, and really big fan leaves have grown on the GZ

3 years ago

Day: 20

Day 20 from seed, plants are being transplanted from red solo cups to BudMud buckets. BudMud are pre-mixed organic supersoil that come in 3 gallon plastic buckets.

3 years ago

Day: 3

Seedlings are emerging from the soil quickly, all showed taproots within 24 hours, were in a towel for 24 hours, and have emerged from the soil within another 24 hours. I’m happy with that.

3 years ago