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Cabinet Reboot 2023 🫡

This beauty is in my trusty Ikea cabinet. I’ve changed over to soil for this grow, running Autoflower Living concentrate mixed with some coco coir and organic gardening soil. Aside from that, upgraded the exhaust to a vivosun 4” duct fan and some AC Infinity fans. This will help control temperature a bit better hopefully!

Mephisto Mango Smile

Day 94 (Week 14)


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Day: 94

An open letter to my plant Dear Plant, I hope this letter finds you well. Unfortunately, I’m quite certain that’s not the case. While I’ve protected you from the more gruesome of fates - pests and disease - I’ve failed to uphold my obligation as caretaker and left you to neglect. Although I check in frequently, I ignored your pleas for water and nutrients, content to let you struggle as I was struggling. And for that I’m sorry. The loss (re: murder) of your brother affected me quite strongly and it was wrong of me to have a favorite child, although wrong of the Good Lord to test me by sacrificing my favored child. You deserve to be loved and nurtured and I took out my grief on you. In-spite of all this you’ve persevered. What life is left in you has been dutifully spent producing frosty leaves and plentiful trichomes. Now at a ripe age of 90, you’re still not yet amber and might have some life yet in you. I’ll try to do better and get you to the end. My sincerest apologies, IL

a year ago

loudpak23 I’m dead 😂

Day: 76


Recharge and occasional waterings. Kinda letting it do its thing.

a year ago

Day: 67

Gave another feeding of recharge yesterday. Buds are fattening, but may not be getting enough nutrients.

a year ago

Day: 61

Pay no attention to the malnourished auto flower 🤫 happy 4/20, letting this one live out its best life and try to make it to the ripe age of 100 days. Some nice frost at the very least.

a year ago


Tallboy2023 Great post. Good luck to her 😜


Tallboy2023 Nice little nug 👍🏼


phriedphoenix Check your ph and ppm

Day: 55

Headed out of town for a few days and letting this girl ride. Gave a watering of ph’d calmag this morning, should be all set. Heat Wave, so the cabinets a little toasty rn.

a year ago

Day: 51

Bit of a cal/mag deficiency locking out nutrients would be my guess at this point. Gave her a cal/mag soak and fed some recharge, and will keep an eye for changes. Not too concerned considering she’s already stunted. (One leaf is yellow bc the water halo has been spraying right on it)

a year ago


Drizz Gotcha is this more aeroponic type of setup?


Drizz Or drip feed it looks interesting

Day: 42


I’m not sold on soil grows for small cabinets, my coco grows were much easier to control input/output and I could more clearly control the growth. I can’t believe it’s day 42 already, the growth is frankly disappointing. I’ve had a few cal/mag flushes, as well as amending with Recharge. I think it’s healthy but not pumped up steroids growth like coco grows can be. We’ll see how long we can stretch it.

a year ago

GrNadeGrade 💣

GrNadeGrade 💣 It might be genetics 🧬, or could be a runt. I’m currently growing in Living Soil and it’s growing pretty well, imo.

Day: 30

Growth is slow, which is not a good sign for autos. Guessing it’s a bit hot, which is causing stunted growth (80-85F), but if I increase the exhaust to drop the temp, the humidity drops drastically and I don’t have an alternative humidifier at the moment. It’s low maintenance and a test with soil so I’m not too torn up about it.

a year ago

keykey555 Are you under an LED? The ideal temp is around 78-82 so usually it’s not heat unless you see tacoing leaves. How’s the VPD (ideally using leaf temp, air temp, and humidity to measure)


Problumz Cal-mag . The veins are yellow. Make some L.a.b and flush the plant. Add some compost tea and give it 3 to five days

Day: 23

I’m a firm believer in LST for these small grows, and this girl is no exception. Generally fine with the growth so far when I comp to past coco grows, and expecting she’ll really push in the next 10 days.

a year ago

Day: 15

Well, we aborted the runt, and now it’s all up to this alpha female. Historically this week will be a massive week of growth based on my past journals. I’ve been keeping the watering down, maybe 2 100mL pours so far, with no runoff necessary. Not too many concerns, looking forward to seeing the capabilities of super soil and will be reinforcing with some silicone in upcoming watering just to help manage the not quite dialed in climate.

a year ago

Day: 10

Girls are doing great, looking very healthy overall. First time growing in soil, but it’s nice to kind of let them do their own thing vs the precision of coco. Love checking in on them and seeing their successes, everydays about tiny growth!

a year ago


piperboy007 Do you got 2 plants in the same pot?


piperboy007 They will compete and ultimately will suffer over all. Best to cut the small one and let the big one have the whole pot

Day: 6

Did someone say twins?!? Just kidding, probably from a seed I planted months ago, didn’t have crue conditions down for and then gave up til I could set-up a better environment management system. As you can see, still running a little low on humidity, mostly keeping it covered til it’s hardy.

a year ago

Day: 1

Hats off to this grad! Moving from seed to sprout and couldn’t be more proud. Got the temp and humidity dialed in on this new setup finally and it’s brought us blessed life. Looking forward to watching this gal grow.

a year ago