Our First Grow

Our 3 children

This is our first time growing. We have 3 plants the first one is OG kush and the other two are either Lemon OG, Blue Dream, platinum Girl Scout cookies, Bubba Kush. I mixed up my seeds and kinda sucks but yeah.

OG kush and 2 Mystery plants

Day 58 (Week 9)

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Day: 58

2 plants went into flower a week ago .on 12/12 cycle now 6am-6pm.

6 years ago


Ducatiboy Sweet looking good!!!

Day: 37

Doing awesome. Just got our new light today and waiting in the tent in a few days. They smell so good rn. Praying I have at least one girl. 🌱🤞🏻🙏🏻

6 years ago

Day: 29

We transplanted them into a bigger pot and got really good soil for them and bought cal mag and bloom for them. But can anyone tell me why in the world one of our plants is doing a weird thing with it’s leafs we don’t know why but she looks good but just those weird leafs are doing it. Please any info on why it’s doing that. We are waiting on our new grow tent we just ordered.

6 years ago

MakeAwishandBLOW Omg they smell BOMB too.

MakeAwishandBLOW I wanna buy some Feminized seeds

MakeAwishandBLOW But I don’t know what ones to get any suggestions let me know

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Day: 22

Kinda sad hoping this works we had to get some epson salt at the store cuz we had nothing to feed it and are little town sucks has nothing for feeding it. They started doing this yesterday with the purple stems so pray our children recover until we get everything.🙏🏻🤞🏻

6 years ago

Day: 20

They are looking awesome, he put another LED light inside. And they were watered today. Our beautiful children

6 years ago

ClandestineWestOz How big is the room/tent they’re in? And what led lights are you using?

Drgreenthumb👍 3 17 Watts led bulbs 17 inches by 23 inches .hope it’s not to much light but they seem to like it

MakeAwishandBLOW Help what is wrong with her she was fine a few hours ago now this just her

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Day: 19

Looking good he topped them yesterday.

6 years ago

Ksdccheartless Just want to ask if it was difficult topping cuz I plan on trying it for the first time

MakeAwishandBLOW He said that topping is very easy for me because I watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to top marijuana. We’re excited to see how they grow. There doing so awesome right now.

LearnToFly Will the clear containers hurt root growth from being exposed to light?

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Day: 18

Doing good today. We think one maybe over watered but it looks good.

6 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Coming along nicely mate.

AlexS What type of soil are you using and do those containers have drainage holes in the bottom?

MakeAwishandBLOW Yes they have a lot of holes we made sure and we are getting better soil in a few days when we put them in bigger pots

Day: 17


Looks good with our children! Any thoughts or comments how they look please tell us!

6 years ago

Day: 16

They all are 16 days old, we are using LED lights rn with 16 hours on.

6 years ago