Auto Grow Off 2018

Winter 2018

These plants are amazing. The bigger one germinated within a day and the others a day or so after, now we’re ready to go! I’m pretty excited for this grow! There is an Autoflower Grow Off being hosted and I’m proud to say that I am a contestant! Stay tuned

Auto Purple Microdot

Day 40 (Week 6)

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Day: 40

We’re getting there!

5 years ago

Day: 23

These plants are growing great in the Nature’s living soil. No nutes needed! Just water from seed to harvest! Found two males that got the boot!

5 years ago

Day: 18


She’s already starting to show sex! Auto Purple Microdot AutoGrowOff2018. Unfortunately a branch snapped und LST, but she’ll be just fine!

5 years ago

Day: 13


They are coming along beautifully! Nature’s living soil is what you want for your Autoflowers! From seed to harvest, all you need is water! And as you can see, my ladies are looking gorgeous!

5 years ago

Day: 10

The bigger of them is about 2 1/2 inches tall. I also already topped my bigger one! I want to start LST to her. The babies are about an inch tall but growing vigorously! I’m using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil mixed with Nature’s Living Soil! Like I said, this stuff is absolutely amazing! They are running 18/6 under a 600w full spectrum led

5 years ago

WrightHulme_17 Looking good👍🏼