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Hunted Phenos

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Mandarin Bubba, Peach Bellini, Glue Sniffer #1 & #2

Day 70 (Week 10)

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Day: 70

Attack of the Bud: The Movie 🍿 Rated G for Gasoline! Follow my IG for more updates @BobbyGrowMo

2 years ago

Day: 70

This hobby of ours has to be one of the coolest, zin like experiences ever… then/plus I get to smoke it🤤 #PeachBellini bred by @twenty20mendocino

2 years ago


RodneyRN Beautiful 🔥🌱💨

Day: 67

Colors Follow me on IG @BobbyGrowMo

2 years ago


xVADERxTOKERx Beautiful color on this gal!! And the nug formation is what ever growers dream is! Well done! I love it 🤙🏻 aloha! 🌺🔥


zdgrows37 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Day: 55

To sticky, see the video at lights out on my story. @BobbyGrowMo on IG

2 years ago

Day: 52

In the thick of flower😍

2 years ago

Day: 37

Videos and info in IG @BobbyGrowMo

2 years ago


organic_grower Nice and happy looks great!

Day: 6

Can’t go the whole 10 day veg in here (after 14 days of cloning). Flipping to flower tomorrow. @BobbyGrowMo

2 years ago

Day: 2

Well that changed quickly… Dailed in I guess🤷🏾‍♂️ Transplanting tonight then, flipping in 8 days no time to waste. Tent of the Hunted👹

2 years ago


BoofMaster That flood tray fits like a glove 👌

Day: 0

You gotta admit, tent life has it sweet spots… harvested this morning, cleared & clean, let it dry out, blasted with a heater over 110 degrees, reset & bring them in! SAME DAY ACTION! Clones looking good should be ready for flip in 10 days or so. All hunted keepers🤩 Follow me on IG @BobbyGrowMo

2 years ago