Hubba Bubba Haze

Fall 22



Day 85 (Week 13)


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Day: 85


a year ago

Day: 69

Recovering from the PH issues i think we’ll get a lot of good bud here

a year ago

Day: 51

Looking a little crispy not sure what’s going on with her. Rest look fine.

a year ago

Day: 38

By far the tallest plant. Showing that sativa dominance for sure. Next time don’t grow next to strawberry nuggets. Noted

a year ago

HLS Farms Nice! I love to see a room full of haze.

Day: 31

Just watered. Reservoir was bone dry and she was feeling it.

a year ago

Day: 21

I think this is gonna be the yielder.

a year ago

Day: 10

Not sure what to expect out of this guy yet

a year ago

TheKetHole How have you been growing him specifically? I literally just filled my clay pot with soil and added some tomato fertilizer with water, and im letting it heat outside whilst germinating my only seed in some wet paper towels. How have you been doing it?

Kokogrows This is Coco and Perlite I mixed together (no ratio I just eyeballed a big bin of it and filled my pots) in an autopot. For this one I planted directly into the coco and watered RO water and Canna seed start.

TheKetHole Thanks for the info!

Day: 0

Just sprouted today.

a year ago