Spring 2020

One last time

Money Maker, Super Lemon Haze, Diesel Ice, Blueberry, Critical, Jesus OG strains


Day 53 (Week 8)

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Day: 53

Going into dark with lotsa fans and 2 dehumidifiers... in pots still

4 years ago

Day: 49

Last flush... cold pH balanced water. One 600w bulb went and decided to wait until next grow to replace as only 3 days left before full dark anyways.

4 years ago

Cindy One pic shows crystals really well. Second shows size of majority of top buds in room. Smells like heaven in here!

Day: 44


Flush - tricombs are fully cloudy on half the plants. I like mine a touch amber for sleep meds (no more than 50%) and only half milky for my day strains so these are on target for about 2 weeks flush...

4 years ago

Cindy Tips turned a little yellow with first flush. Oops on Ph - didn’t account for extra oxygenation of water from filling bucket I believe. Altered my water method and put in tote to settle before pH balancing. Hit with pretty cold water every other day (about 1/3gallon for each plant daily...) and have lowered temps by ten degrees for last few weeks. I do the lift a bucket method and go through 4 gallons for 2-3 days - then 6-7 on day 3. Previously was adding molasses to the 6-7 gallon day.

Day: 32

Got some nice bud going on. Knock on wood - no mites. Knock on wood - no seeds.

4 years ago


Lemiwinks Looking good!

Day: 24


Been a while since I posted an update… Popcorn stage

4 years ago

Day: 0

Into flower 50/50 today. Last of my clones. Growing from seed next time since this grow will be done right before I go on vacation. Taking a few weeks off from growing after. 😆 Put sticks in the dirt for later support but they hampered my lights ability to go lower. Definitely require thought in future.

4 years ago


Mystrain420 Height adjustable sticks or something that can have additional sticks connected to adjust height

Cindy … I only have one strain that will get taller than the sticks… It’s really about supporting those top buds for me. They get super heavy. I’ll post a pick of stick in action once needed. 😂 figures Id try a stick straight in dirt during transplant for a place to tie support.