Grow #1- Summer 2023

Started in cow pot with seed starter mix, will be moved outside into a 5 gal felt pot

Tangerine Auto

Day 91 (Week 13)

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Day: 91


a month ago

Day: 69


2 months ago

Day: 63


2 months ago

Day: 58


2 months ago

Day: 48

Looking healthy

3 months ago

Day: 35

Water and training

3 months ago

Day: 25

About to give first nutes

3 months ago

Day: 21

Good growth

4 months ago

Day: 20

Started in cow pot inside, moved outside 5 days ago and has exploded in growth. Should I start fertilizing? If so, with what? I top dressed with worm castings about 10 days ago, but think she could handle more

4 months ago


phriedphoenix Add worm castings once a month. You should be able to increase your ppm around 50-100 with your nutrients of choice. Preferably something like 10-2-4 would be ideal

DanS Sounds like a plan thanks so much!


phriedphoenix 👍fosho

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Day: 11

Responded well to extra light, fan, and worm castings. Moved outside

4 months ago

Day: 10

Added worm castings, light inside, and increased time fan is on to help stretching problem. Outside for ~3 hours to start hardening

4 months ago