4th Grow - Forumstomper

April 2022

1 Forumstomper in a 3 Gallon Pot using California Autoflower Super Soil and FF Ocean Forest. Spider Farmer SF1000. AC Infinity Cloudline T4 with Carbon Filter.

Mephisto - Forumstomper

Day 21 (Week 3)

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Day: 21

Dead. Learning curve.

2 years ago


youcanthavethat1 Ouch sorry to hear that

GalacticRetro Yeah man, it really does suck. Just can’t pinpoint what went wrong exactly.


youcanthavethat1 Don’t water until they pot feels light, make sure there is appropriate nutrient level too much of either will kill

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Day: 11

Hmm, now sure what I have done wrong here. Any tips?

2 years ago


srzzz bad gen

GalacticRetro Interesting. I rarely see any Mephisto seeds as duds.


pjizzle Happens with seeds sometimes

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Day: 3

Woot woot!

2 years ago