Real seed grow

April 2019

Grown in a jiffy seedling starter box

2 heavy bud autos and pineapple chunk

Day 81 (Week 12)

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Day: 81

Not much growth happening but looks good

4 years ago


Mystrain420 The length between nodes looks like your light is either too far away or not strong enough. Did u defoliate?

Day: 46

Started LST on the larger of the two plants so this should start working to make more main stems

5 years ago

Day: 46


4 years ago

Day: 45

Same light cycle good growth and looks like the one on the left that’s a little slower is on its way up now.

5 years ago

Day: 39

Same 18-6 light cycle

5 years ago

Day: 32

Still good

5 years ago

Day: 29

Good growth by the one up front

5 years ago

Day: 26

Growth is definitely a little stunted from the vacation a couple weeks ago but it’s still having decent progress

5 years ago

Nitrogrow Second one isn’t doing quite as well

Day: 13

Kept them under plastic bags to keep the moisture in for a few days but now I’m letting them breathe. It appears that I’ve stunted their growth by leaving them unattended but it looks like they might make a strong comeback

5 years ago

Day: 9

Transplanted these babies to bigger homes. Had them under the lights unattended for a couple days and they dried out and dropped but since I’ve been back I’ve been able to nurse these 2 back to health and hopefully they fully recover and keep growing stronger.

5 years ago

Day: 3

All seeds have sprouted

5 years ago