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2019 season

18 seeds started 15 made it to veg


Day 89 (Week 13)

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Day: 89

Drinking quicker

5 years ago

Mystics Lookin’ good!

Day: 84


July is transition month!

5 years ago

Day: 82

Watered. My neighbour tells me that My jealous dog attacked one of them today. I knew it was her! I wonder why she’s digging them up besides actually being jealous of the time I spend with them lmao.

5 years ago

JoCo Also sprayed with safers end-all

Day: 80


All good

5 years ago

Day: 76

I see pistils!!!! A bit early to start flowering but oh well

5 years ago

Bigblue dip a cotton swap in 70% iso alcohol, dab the mealy bugs and their eggs with the cotton swab. Say goodbye mealy bugs.

JoCo Thank you!

Day: 71


Moved to 20 GAL containers

5 years ago

Day: 66

Help!!! What are these nasty white dudes?!? And is this a friendly spider?

5 years ago

JoCo Figured out it’s mealy bugs and their eggs

Day: 63


Almost time for a repot? Compost tea is brewing. Watered with organic grow nutes and molasses today. Also top dressed the soil with a large handful of Gia green organic 4-4-4 fertilizer. Hopefully it’s not to much for them at once. First watering since I put them out on June 6! It’s been very rainy

5 years ago

JoCo Topping took nicely. Kind of wishing I hadn’t topped them all just to see the difference though. Next year I’ll only do half

JoCo 10 gallon fabric pots ordered. Most are ready for transplanting