Cherry Nova

Cherry Nova #3

Clone brought home May 24

Indica dominated

Day 9 (Week 2)


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Day: 9

Should I trim her!!!

7 days ago

RoMag IDK: Maybe tell us a little about “her.”

Day: 8

Think I see pistil

8 days ago

Day: 7


11 days ago

Day: 6

Should I top her? I never topped my first plant and she’s doing fine but I’ve been reading that topping can be helpful.

12 days ago

csteez Wait till there is around 8 nodes.

newgrower05 What is toping man i feel dumb


Prattn1 @newgrower05 I just learned about this yesterday reading online but you can google or YouTube topping your weed plant

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Day: 5

When would I know to switch my plant from 18/6 to 12/12?

13 days ago


superstarmma1 When the plant is a little more than half the size I want it to finish at. Is what I go for.


Prattn1 @superstarmma1 thank you

Day: 4

She’s loving the new potting and also started feeding her foxfarm

14 days ago

Day: 3

Repotted her

15 days ago

Day: 2

When should I repot her? I bought this clone and 4 days ago

16 days ago

Day: 1

Veg stage

17 days ago