Super Sour Sativa

Super Sour Sativa

Panera Trash Trial Run

Seeds in Water x 2

trial run for old Panera trash can incubator

OG Mints x Runtz and a Mystery Auto

Day 3 (Week 1)


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Day: 3

Adding a humidity dome to help germination. I did see a taproot emerge before planting but I usually let it get longer, so we’ll see what happens.

7 months ago

Day: 1

Mystery Auto seed popped and will be planted between 9a-2p on 10/25 in the converted Panera Trash Grow Chamber 😁

7 months ago


rufus899 The old DIY grow box. I kind of miss those days lol

Super Sour Sativa

Super Sour Sativa Funny enough, I’m in a legal state and did an outdoor grow, but I missed them too, so Trash can grow it is. Glad someone else feels the nostalgia! Lol