CropKing WW 1st time DWC

Fall 2020

2 white widow fem in 3 gallon DWC 1st attempt. 600w led in a 30x24x60

White widow fem

Day 106 (Week 16)

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Day: 106

Start of week 7 flowering.

3 years ago

Day: 78

Starting week 3 of flowering with full strength flowering nutrients.

3 years ago

Day: 63

Being my first time hydro, plants struggled for a minute due to excess calcium. They are looking great now. 1 week before I start to bloom these baby girls.

3 years ago

Day: 46

My girls are looking great. How can I get them to stretch a bit?

3 years ago


hibbenator Maybe pull the lights away a little

bourbanstategrowing Ok thanks. Also found little whiteish yellow spots on leaves, not sure if it’s a deficiency or spider mites or what. Did see a small little web on bottom branch.

Day: 38


3 years ago

Day: 34

Should I up my nutes from seedling to mild veg?

3 years ago

Day: 27

Girls are starting to look great. Roots looking good as well.

3 years ago

Day: 25


Started off pretty slow, had me worried I was doing something wrong. I was using fox farm grow big for nutrients, switched to FloraMicro and FloraGrow. Ph is 5.7-5.8 and the roots have finally reached the water and I lowered the water level about 1 1/2 inches below the net pot. Hoping they get a growth spurt soon. Would love some tips or tricks or suggestions.

3 years ago

BourbanStateGrowing I haven’t added any cal mag to my solution. Should I?