Outdoor grow

Sunmer 2018

3 plants of unknown genetics, got from a friend. Plants were weak and semi dead.


Day 20 (Week 3)

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Day: 20

The girls are really about to pop!! Buds are starting to form!! Switched to a Bloom tea... advanced nutrients on the way!!

6 years ago

Day: 16

There has been a lot of rain lately but the girls have been outside in the sun a lot. Switched to advanced nutrients and have seen good results... one plant ended up being a male and these two are starting some very nice pre flowers!!

6 years ago

Day: 7

The plants got a lot of sun today... but late evening thunder storms forced me to bring them in!! Still pretty moist from yesterday's watering... light is 15/9..

6 years ago

Day: 6

Finally a beautiful sunny day!! Plants got lots of sunshine today and some bat guano tea. They are starting to shoot Up!!

6 years ago

Day: 4

Again... more rain today.... plants stayed in... gained a bit of height... humidity has been high so not much water needed

6 years ago

Day: 3

Yet another dark and gloomy day with thunder storms.... plants stayed in yet again today... still got some good sun tho!! Two plants have started making 7 leaves!! The silver bucket I transplanted today... another unknown strain. We will see if it survives!

6 years ago

Day: 2

Dark and rainy all day so the plants stayed inside!! Got a little height today and some node foliage!! Just a tad bit of regular water today just to keep things from drying out!

6 years ago

Day: 1

Both plants are around 9" tall and about 2 weeks into there life. Picked them up off a friend the other day. Growing outdoors but bring them in during bad weather!! Currently just using water... have bat guano tea brewing for the next water cycle!

6 years ago