Bruce Banner / Skywalker OG

Summer 2019

New grow 4x3 grow tent but only use 3x3 area for 4 plants Ventilations is 6” intake and exhaust with ac infinity cloudline controlable fans Lighting 1500watt LED actual draw 290watts (2) 600 watts LEDs actual draw 130each 96 watts of deep red bloom boosters 15 watts of far red used 10 min after lights out for flower initiation ProMix BX with equal Pearlite Advance Nutrients Base nutes usually used at 50% rest I follow the schedule with good runoff Micro grow bloom B52 Voodoo juice Bud blood Bud factor x Big bud Bud candy Nirvana Overdrive Flawless finish

Ilgm seeds

Day 85 (Week 13)

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Day: 85

Have not posted in ages. This is why. This was about 2.5 weeks ago. Bad batch of seeds. I have always sworn by ilgm seeds. I had 5 Skywalker OGs. 3 seeds never popped up, one barely made it starting off a little deformed, and 1 normal. This should of been the first sign. I always had a 100% success rate with ilgm seeds. This was my fault. I got too comfortable, by the time a saw this some already burst. I tried to limit the damage by spraying everything with water and removing every male part I can find. It was only on the bottom of the plants. The top, same plant here was a beautiful flower. It all was to no avail. Seeds were everywhere, I never seen so many seeds in my life. They still had crystals all over, about 50% cloudy so it was close. I water cured all the buds, and made a tincture out of it. So pissed but not a total loss. Minor stress here but these 2 plants going hermie was not due to stress. My buddy had a clone from one of these and his did same thing...but he caught got it in time, due to my misfortune I needed a new tent soon so I just bought a new tent. Sprayed everywhere with water and a little bleach. New filter. Hope I got rid of most that pollen Ilgm did replace my seeds, and the 2 Bruce Banner that was also ruined and full of seeds. I already have a new grow with the replacement seeds. I planted 5 seeds 2 Bruce Banner, 2 Skywalker OG, and 1 Black Widow. All popped up and doing great. I’ll start that grow soon

5 years ago

Cindy I have a crap ton of seeds now from my last grow. Every plant was seed. Figured it was meant to be — these clones were sooooo many generations ago that it’s time to use seeds.

Dazz82 Wtf bro .... nightmare! Iv just read on your last up date that u leave a red light on for 10mins after lights out?? Is this why your plant has turned male?

Day: 60

Day 21 of Flowering Wow, only 3 weeks in flower and I can’t believe these ladies. Any of you ever read or heard about far red lights 10 minutes after lights out....I can say first hand it works. See the results for yourself. Pictures hardly do justice, so I put a BIC lighter near one of the Bruce Banner buds. No that’s not a BIC mini! Multiple nodes have connected. Girls are a little burnt on the tips from Nutes,(I like keeping it here)but doing fine otherwise Daytime temps 75 Nighttime temps 65 Girls are drinking about a gal each every 3 days, with a little run off. I did a major pruning earlier this week. Adjusted height for the shorter Skywalker OGs. Girls are also have been moved from the 12/12 to 13/11. Wanted to wait a bit before giving the extra hour of light till I was sure they were done stretching. I read I can do a 14/10, however not willing to risk it. Again this is all possible because of the far red lights at lights off. Last photo is the Skywalker OG. Not as impressive as the Bruce Banner, but very unique in the way it’s leaves almost point straight up.

5 years ago

Day: 54


Ending 2nd week of Flowering Tomorrow starts week 3 and I’ve never had my ladies this far along. I owe it to the far reds Bruce Banners are Hulking big time. I think most the stretch slowed, they are huge and 4’ from the ground now. No more room to raise lights. I’ve netted, bent, pinched and re-Pinched all the stems to cause tissue damage and slow down the grow. Heat is low I’m waiting for sure these girls stopped stretching and I’ll put them on 13/11.

5 years ago

Day: 47

Flowering day 8 Lady’s are streatching like hell. They have grown over 1 foot in 8 days dispute my best efforts to slow them down. I’m pinching stems, lowered the heat to low 70s, increased lighting, early pruning. I put a net this time to help a little. I don’t have much room to raise the light so hope they stop soon. Far Red lights are the bomb. Day 8 in flowering and look at them buds. They are looking like buds a week ahead for all my previous grows. Going to a 13/11 soon. Not sure if I wanna push 14/10

5 years ago

Day: 39


Ok I been slacking this grow. Life has been busy. If I have any followers left Ok Flower day 1 The Skywalker OGs are seriously lagging. Only 2 days behind it’s more like 2 weeks. Finally at a point where I put them on 12/12 Major pruning and lollipop’ing for all plants. Fed base Nutes, Bud Blood, bud factor x, voodoo juice. Lighting the deep red boosters are on. This grow I also get to check out my custom build far red bloom initiater. They are only on for 10 minutes at lights out. 730nm tange triggers nightime mode faster.

5 years ago

Day: 23


Well the Bruce Banners are Hulking our for sure. Hard to believe the Skywalkers are so small being only 2 days behind. They finally got topped. One of the BB got a 2nd topping. The other one is very odd. The 2 came out the sides, but a stalk still grew up that split in 2. Pretty sure I just messed it up but I like the structure. Last photo Feeding normal and still doing the CO2 while I can.

5 years ago

Day: 15

Ok haven’t updated in a while. Bruce Banners are taking off. They were topped at node 6. They Skywalker OGs!!! Man what a pain, I’m sure I got a bad batch of seeds from ilgm. First time, only 2 of 5 seeds, and one of them had a hard time shedding its shell. Half the first couple leaves had damage. They are doing well now. 2 days behind the BBS but don’t look like it. They are on node 5 now. I’ll top the next one Running temps a bit warm with a little introduction of CO2. Not planned but it’s been a little cold. I found my little buddy heater produces a nice big blue pilot light. That inside my tent keeps it warm. Humidity not an issue right now so I can turn down the exhaust fans and let the CO2 build up. So daytime temps are 85 and nighttime 73. This kind of CO2 will not work once these get bigger and I’m fighting humidity. Any kind of CO2 will never work while running my big exhaust fan. So hopefully this will boost their veg mode. Stay tuned this grow. Last grow I used the deep red flower boosters leds. I now built a far red LEDs 730nm range for a flowering initiator. I heard these can shorten flowering by 1-2 weeks.

5 years ago

Day: 1

Hello ladies Now I have had 100% success rate with ILGM seeds until now. Bruce Banner popped up strong in one day. They force is not with Skywalker OG. Both seeds failed. Started 3 more, 2 of which looked hopeful. I dunno maybe a bad batch of seeds.

5 years ago