Blue Dream and Lowryder

Fall 2018

Two blue dream feminized and two auto flowering Lowryder. Growing in organic soil (0.45, 0.03, 0.08) with peat moss, humus, coco fibers, perlite, sand, limestone and mycorrhizae. Feeding tap water with added seaweed and molasses.

Blue dream and lowryder auto

Day 85 (Week 13)

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Day: 85

Chop day for Lowryder

4 years ago

Day: 76


Lowryder almost ready for harvest

4 years ago

Day: 59


Blue dream going well Lowryder 2 weeks i to flowering

4 years ago

Day: 52

Going really good with growth. Started pulling the branches flat for manifolding. Around day 5 or 6 of flowering for Lowryder 3 other photos are mistakes from next update

4 years ago

Day: 47

Cut off a lowryder by accident😭 Started manifold training on blue dreams

4 years ago

Day: 40

Tried fimming both blue dream. Not sure if it worked Watered with tap water, molasses and seaweed

4 years ago

Day: 32

Growth going well Watered with tap water unfertilized no ph ajusted

4 years ago

Day: 24

Transfered in bigger pots Seem to grow slowly

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Are they all the same age? How far away is your light?

Day: 17

Fed with tap water, seaweed and molasses The late germinated Lowryder seems to be stunted

4 years ago

Day: 14

Watering with tap water, molasses and seaweed

4 years ago

Day: 12

(Right) Blue dream about 3” (Left) Lowryder about 2” One of the lowryders sprouted much later so is smaller Humidity variable since I do it manually but around 50-80% Temperature 27.5 C

4 years ago