First Ever Grow

Summer 2020

Three plants grown in coco—3-gallon fabric pots with Advanced Nutrients lineup. 3x3x6 grow tent with spiderfarmer 2000 LED light

Black Widow

Day 45 (Week 7)

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Day: 45

I’m getting the hang of this. Watering almost every day (when the fabric pots feel light rather than heavy. They have vegged outside for three days, 6-8 hours each, and they LOVE it. Def gonna do that again next summer. They’re almost ready for mainlines

3 years ago


metalmattak Looking good!


metalmattak Which AN products are you using?

Day: 33

Need to update this more. Watered plants today with Recharge, Megacrop, and kelp extract (1/2 tea, 1/4 tea, 1/8 tea measurements, respectively). I should have watered them yesterday but the Recharge wasn’t here yet. They’ll green up and the leaves will perk up soon enough. They even start to smell like bud!

3 years ago

Day: 16


Turns out I was reading my light meter wrong and have been giving them way too much light (50,000 lux). This is now rectified and they’re receiving 15,000 lux. I noticed what I diagnosed to be a mag deficiency yesterday, so I made a foliar spray using advanced nutes cal mag (2mL per L of distilled water) and that has been a good quick fix. Got my Megacrop and kelp nutrient, will water when they’re dry enough for it.

3 years ago

Darlieee The first two photos are the same. Whoops. The third photo is of the nute-burned plants

Day: 12


The Four newer seedlings (shown) are looking great. These were germinated and planted with the most confidence and they also have the thickest stems, probably due to getting the right amount of light and not stretching as the other three may have for the first few day(s). It looks like I was right about nute burn on the three older seedlings from the voodoo juice, def more yellow than expected and i thought there would be more growth on the second leaf set. Def won’t do that again. The girls do seem to be drinking fast

3 years ago

Day: 11


Put seedlings on 18/6 lighting instead of 24/0. I watered the three ladies on the left with 2mL/L distilled water with Voodoo Juice yesterday and they seemed to love it. Can’t tell if I’m being paranoid or if there’s yellow nute burn? But they look bigger. I need to transplant the middle one to a cup. The stems of the three on the left are thicker than the middle. Should be getting easier to tell which ones will be the keepers

3 years ago

Jesseindahouse Take off they humidity dome. It’s not needed anymore, and is just doing more harm then good. Perfect area for mold to Accor

Darlieee Thanks!! I’ll take them off right now.

Day: 9

I purchased a lux meter and the seedlings are all receiving 5,000 lux!

3 years ago

Day: 7


3 years ago

Natebirse Soil looks a little wet, it’s good to let them dry out a little bit :) cheers

Day: 6

1/3 rooters worked

3 years ago

Day: 1

Placed in rapid rooters and put on a heat germination pad. The container on the bottom is full of hot peppers

3 years ago