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Summer 2019 - First Auto/real grow

I’ve put two of my six seeds in water tonight. I will check them tomorrow and place them onto paper towel and plate in the morning.

Master Kush Auto from Seedsman.

Day 70 (Week 10)

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Day: 70

Smells so good! Main cola is really filling out. Not much longer until harvest. It’s crazy how fast she’s budding. The pistils got super long which I think the picture shows well.

5 years ago

Day: 61

How much longer until harvest? Im guessing at least 3 weeks? Will the longer I wait increase my yield? This is an auto and I’ve heard they really bud up fast once they get going. Honestly I’m seeing massive changes every day at this point in terms of budding. I’m still giving flower nutes. When should I stop that and start flushing? Can I still use Recharge and Shark during the flushing? They’ve completely fixed my pH issues and I don’t wanna mess up my pH right before harvest. Thoughts on that? Top of plant and full body shot. The full body shot is actually showing the side the doesn’t have any buds cuz they were all LST’d to the left or right but you can see the buds on the left and right sides.

5 years ago

Day: 46

Plant is doing well. Appears to be in full flower stage. I’ve added some LST to hopefully get a little more yield. It keeps getting taller by about 1-2 cm per day but it’s really close to its max height. That’s a CFL you can see in the pic and why it’s so close.

5 years ago

popwar Wow I will update picture tonight or tomorrow. She had grown a ton in the past week. She is in full flower mode and buds are everywhere. I’ll be thrilled if I can get an ounce off of her but I’m hoping more. Probably gonna let her flower until last moment. Supposedly gives more of a couch lock high which is what I want from this.

Day: 35

She’s looking good! I believe she has 4 sets of fan leaves that all have at least 5 leaves and is working on her 5th pair. They say somewhere between 5-7 sets of 5 leaves or more is when it will start to flower so I’m actually getting pretty close. She only gets 30cm tall or so and she’s just shy of it. By the time she has 7 pairs, she’ll be fully grown and start the flowering. Hopefully the next pics I take will have some flowering.

5 years ago

Day: 23

Really doing well with the LEDs I got off Amazon. Ordering another to make light distribution more even.

5 years ago

popwar I’ve not been watering my plants as much and they are growing much better. I check the soil and it’s still damp at a few inches so I’m waiting until tomorrow to water them cuz it’s been almost a week now since I gave them water. I think inside plants don’t need as much water as outside plants. There’s nothing to compete with inside but outside they have to grow taller than anything else nearby and be strong. All that requires energy and water. I’m not sure if it means bigger yields outside vs inside but I’d be interested to know if the effects of the inside grown are different then an outside of the exact same strain (and seed line).

Day: 18

Growing well. Moved to a new area with better ventilation and the RH and temp have been perfect. She’s really starting to ramp up and I’m expecting a growth spurt to happen. Won’t get too tall because auto but I think around 24” at least.

5 years ago

Day: 13

Really grown over the last week.

5 years ago

popwar THIS IS FIRST SEED. That day 12 pic is of 3rd seed. I’ll post pic of it later. Be awesome if it grew that fast overnight but it did not.

Day: 12

Sat. 7/27/19. Sprout looking real good! I put some H2O2 on it and it grew and got thicc. Insane! The first pic was taken 4 hours after the peroxide water was given. I don’t think I saved the picture I wanted to post from the morning before the HP bath. Idk if the two are related but if so, I’m glad to know how much it helps.

5 years ago

Day: 9

Planted third seed yesterday (day 8 7/23/19). That’s what pic is of. The first seedling (taproot) died. Not really sure what happened except that I may have turned it sideways when planting it and it was trying to find the surface and when I moved it, I stressed it too much. This is the third and final seed of that package. (Still 3 more and 3 NL seeds that I’m excited about). I’m starting it from seed in the dirt to see how it does versus the water to paper towel method. I’m keeping the soil very moist and warm. Fingers crossed on this one.

5 years ago

Day: 5

Day 5: Saturday 7/20/2019 - the cup seed sprouted. I’m nervous about the first planted seed because it hasn’t popped up yet. I’m hoping maybe it got turned when I planted it and it’s just taking a minute to orient itself before sprouting. I’m gonna give it at least another week before starting a new seed though. I’m holding out for it.

5 years ago

popwar Nothing in the big planter yet. But I’m still hopeful.

popwar Did some research and found where a poster said they had to dig in the dirt for the taproot because it was planted sideways. That’s what happened with mine. I must’ve turned it when I was adding soil back on top of it. Well I’ve made sure it’s facing the correct way know and I gave it water. These are auto fems so I’m still holding out that the first plant will grow like the second. This comment box is small and I’m too lazy to scroll up to see if I mentioned it but the tap root was still in great condition and had grow considerably. So that gives me hope that it will sprout. Maybe even show up tomorrow am especially on 24/0. Only time will tell.

Day: 3

2/2 germinated! Didn’t take pic of taproot but it was about a 1/2” or so. I’ve got the second seed in the solo cup until I transplant it to a larger bucket. I’ve just got so much space for growing and I’m waiting on another to thicken before moving it outside.

5 years ago

popwar Gonna turn off LEDs next time I take a pic... lol

Day: 2

Germination! One of the two seeds germinated last night. I was gonna give it a little more time but it got to 1/4” so I went ahead.

5 years ago

popwar Wow the color of my lights are trippy in a picture. When you’re in the closet it looks almost like a blue but when I took a picture it’s very clearly pink.

popwar That white thing in the second pic is a market for near where I planted the seed.

Day: 1


Placed seeds onto paper towel at 07:20 ct. Both were floaters. Something I’ve realized is actually not an indication of anything. Could be healthier seeds are denser and sink? Who knows. I know I had about 10 bag seeds that floated and all germinated. I’ve even had floaters that I just put in the ground (no paper towel) germ and sprout. I’m optimistic!

5 years ago

popwar Checked again before going to bed and didn’t see any thing yet but they look bigger than before. I’m hoping they germ. I’ve got more seeds if they don’t but I’m still holding out. I won’t get worried until day 7 if I haven’t seen anything. But honestly if I haven’t seen anything by day 3 I might start some fresh seeds on germing. Idk I’ll see.

Day: 0

There were 3 seeds in there but they are not in pic. I left one seed and resealed the package. Plan to use two 5 gallon buckets as pots. Will be using 24/0. I’m really excited. Supposed to only have a 6 week vege state which would be awesome and I’m hoping these seeds germ and the plant grows quickly.

5 years ago

popwar Both are floaters. I’ll update next post to see if they sank.