Meloncicle, Bannana Candy Krush, Runtz Muffin, Cotton Candy

Summer 2021

4 Autopots 4 gallon with modified Stepwell soil

Meloncicle, Bannana Candy Krush, Runtz Muffin, Cotton Candy

Day 99 (Week 15)

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Day: 99


Everything is going well on Day 44 of flowering. Bud shot order is Cotton Candy, Runtz Muffin, Meloncicle, and Banana Candy Krush.

3 years ago


gregg01f Everything is going well! Nice work πŸ‘ 🍻

Day: 28


Order from bottom right going counter clockwise. Cotton Candy Kush(CCK), Banana Candy Krush(BCK), Meloncicle(MC), Runtz Muffin(RM). Plant and bud shot in that order.

3 years ago


GreenNinjaMaster Nice work, looking good


Prodigy Beautiful little crop there! If only there was more space!! Every growers dilemma I feel πŸ˜„

dpaul25 Thanks. Yeah, crowding for yield vs bud quality debate is my focus next crop. Going to try 2 in same space with longer veg and see how full it gets. Could lead to a nice 6 week harvest rotation,grow 2 mainlines in same time frame for next crop. I can get 8 ounces from the Auto Pots with organic soil and just water in the tank pretty consistently. I top feed along the wayside supplement, 60 min a week total maintenance time. If 2 plants do well enough, the more frequent harvests appeals to me since I’m aiming for long cure times and having a variety on hand.

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Day: 22


Earlier progress. A few photos captured during veg while training and defoliating. Canopy needed Super-cropping to stay even.

3 years ago