OC X HJ (F) Humboldt Seed Co

Orange Creamsicle X Hella Jelly

Putting into water may 9 to germinate. Will put in paper towel in day or 2


Day 29 (Week 5)


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Day: 29


Gals look very healthy. Wasn’t planning on topping until next week but…. I think they look good and I think I made a good decision. Cut even w 2 other lower branches hoping I’ll have 4 even tops from this (on both plants)

17 hours ago


dpat Did the same thing today with my Godfather OGs


cookredeyed I wasn’t going to give such a big cut but I stand by my decision!! Lol! Good luck with yours

Day: 27

Fed CM/drip forgot the silica. Plants looking good and healthy after transplant. Very pleased. Will top next week

4 days ago

Day: 26

Plants look great! Seem to be surviving the transplant, I will probably water and feed tomorrow or the next day

5 days ago

Day: 23

Transplanted these ladies today. Gave a bunch of MYCOS (sp) to both. Put into 5 gallon pots. Watered pots prior to transplanting the gave gals a little water on top. I may have to water a bit tomorrow too.

8 days ago

Day: 20

Plants seem to be doing great. Probably transplant soon. Will increase nutes a little bit too. I mentally ready to have them in their perm pots and to remove auto from their tent and into her own. Fed 6/5ml DRIP / gallon (½ of rec feeding). Watered to runoff. Fan is more direct on plants too

10 days ago


mary_janebuds I need help with a dead plant any advice would help check out my profile

Day: 18

Fed for first time today. Hope to see results. Watered fairly liberally though I do not think overdone. I fed DRIP A+B at about 4ml/gal ratio (half the suggested amount (low end of the half)

12 days ago

Day: 15

Looking way better after transplanting yesterday. Leaves are not nearly as droopy. I’m still using the stem supports for now until I’m confident they can stand on their own.

15 days ago

Day: 14

Transplanted into 1g pots. Added myko. And watered. Both plants looked kinda sad. I hope they Will recover well. Have not added any other nutes as of yet

16 days ago


cookredeyed I thought they may have been a little root bound. So I transplanted them

Day: 11

Girl on left was bent over. I think too stretched. Turned up light power. Light is about 2.5’ above plants. Prob too high but I’m leaving it. Will transplant soon. Also will start giving nutes soon too

19 days ago

Day: 8

Removed domes today

23 days ago

Day: 7

Still in dome and seem pretty stretched. Hoping once in larger pot they will do better

24 days ago

Day: 1

Oc x hj sprouted 5/13

a month ago

Day: 0

Tester seeds

a month ago


cookredeyed Putting into water may 9 to germinate. Will put in paper towel in day or 2

Day: 0

Germ begins

a month ago

Day: 0

Both seeds cracked. One had a taproot almost ¼”. The other the TR was just visible. Both in ground now!!

a month ago