Pink Panama X Chemdogging

Spring 2024

Today marks day 2 above soil. Planted her along with a Double Grape and Mephistos Wedding, and she was the first one to sprout. Growing in 80% FFOF and 20% Perlite, and the middle 3 inches of the soil is mixed 50/50 with jiffy seed starter and FFOF. watering with tap water PH'ed to 6.3.

Mephisto Freebie

Day 31 (Week 5)


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Day: 31


Supercropped her on day 29, she has been bouncing back quickly. Feeding FF Trio, and doing light defoliation and LST:

12 days ago

Day: 25


Day 25, fimmed the plant a week ago and have been doing some LST

18 days ago

Day: 1

Just broke soil yesterday, but calling today day 1 to track with double grape

a month ago