Moby dick auto dinafem

Winter 2019/2020

Tuo Moby Dick auto by Dinafem hydroponic system

Moby dick auto

Day 119 (Week 17)

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Day: 119

Here we are, near the finish ✌️

4 years ago

Day: 108

Moby Dick auto 💯👊🏻

4 years ago

Day: 94

Hairy girls! 🤩

4 years ago

Day: 63


two plants growing differently, one is high and big the other low and wide. however they both grow luxuriant

4 years ago

Day: 58

Same genetic different growth

4 years ago

Day: 52


And the smell is starting 🥳🥳

4 years ago

Day: 42


The two babies grow a little bit different from each other, one is more bigger and the others is a little bit small than her sister. Next step Training stress sessions 💯💯🔥

4 years ago

Day: 20

Auto Moby dick by Dinafem. Growing in hydroponic system with ‘canna hydro’ nutrients under ‘Eco Star e-40’ lamp. •💡 20th • 🌑 4th

4 years ago

Day: 13

Hydroponic system activated. 20h light 6h dark

5 years ago

Day: 12

Ready to transplant!! 🙌

5 years ago

Day: 6

New babies born!! Moby dick auto by Dinafem. They are currently under lamp ‘eco star CFL’ 220-240V 50/60Hz. Next step➡️ hydroponic system

5 years ago