Bubba Kush

First time for everything

4 seeds, one guy and no idea what I’m doing.

Bubba Kush

Day 61 (Week 9)

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Day: 61

I’m an axe murder.

5 years ago

Day: 53

Did some light trimming. Still trying, testing and just learning for myself some of the techniques I’ve read about.

5 years ago

Day: 51

A big day and some new bends yesterday. Today she had a good drink of water. May need to trim soon?

5 years ago

Day: 50

Still stretching

5 years ago

Day: 46

Did I mention she went into a 3g?

5 years ago

Day: 45

LST on #4

5 years ago

Day: 42


Umm .. yeah. This was the strongest of the bunch. The other two I decided to pull and check the roots with. Again, I’m doing this all to learn for myself.

5 years ago

Day: 34

Still chugging along

5 years ago

Hoober What temp do you recommend for seedlings?

Yugras It’s 22c in there. When I get my tent rocking I’ll be paying more attention to the temp and humidity

Zergas If you bend the tops all the bottom branches will shoot up :)

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Day: 29


Calling the middle one Dr.Hook!

5 years ago

Day: 26

Left to right; seed# 1,2&4.

5 years ago

Zergas Looking great. Keep it up:)

genghis_quan Can’t wait to see where this grow ends up!

Day: 24

The tips are deformed. Bad beans ?

5 years ago

genghis_quan Wind burn? Something w nutrients? I have no clue

tnkrumpets What’s your watering schedule? It might just be over watered.

tnkrumpets Also do you have drainage holes in bottom of your pots?

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Day: 23

Not sure about the lady on the right.

5 years ago

Day: 21


The new 1800w COB light showed up today and the ladies are finally getting some light. Hope to move over to a tent shortly.

5 years ago

DCThrowaway Nice light! Is that 1800w from the wall? If so, where’d you get it?

Yugras It’s from CrxSunny, grabbed it off of amazon. They say it draws 300w from the wall but I have no way to measure it at the moment.

Day: 19

and then there was 3. #3 turned out to be severely stunted and I decided to pull it out of my box. After more research on these seeds and reading the recent reviews, I’m fully expecting these plants to go hermi on me. I will be removing one more tomorrow and starting a Ayahuasca Purple grow from seed.

5 years ago

genghis_quan When did you transplant from the jiffy pods to the bigger planters? After 2 or so weeks?

Yugras A week after they sprouted. Probably too early.

genghis_quan Idk man, that’s where I am right now. I have those little root riot starter cubes and there are a couple small roots starting to come out the bottom, but it’s no where near a root ball yet (which is what I was looking for for mychorrizae powder I have) I really don’t want to do it too soon or wait too late and stunt it’s growth lol

Day: 4

There they are

5 years ago

Day: 3

I already put #1 into a pot but here are the other 3 ready to go in.

5 years ago

Day: 2

I see viability here 🧐

5 years ago

Day: 1

Already screwed up 🤣

5 years ago