First Grow


One plant of each strain. Autos will be started and grown in 5 gallon fabric pots. Photoperiods started in 1 gallon fabric pots and transplanted into 10 gallon fabric pots. First three weeks grown indoors then moved outside until harvest.

Zombie Death Fuck. Unknown. Gorilla Glue Auto. Heavy Purple Auto. Girl Scout Cookies.

Day 7 (Week 1)

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Day: 7

Got home from work after being gone this weekend for the wedding. Was anxious to see how the ladies did while I was away. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and saw them. All soil was still damp, reading about a 6 on the moisture meter, so I only gave each lady a little bit of water. ZDF 1 was laying down when I opened the tent. She’s the one I’m worried about twins with. I propped her up with a bamboo skewer and left her pointing toward the light. Hoping she recovers okay. She’s about an inch tall. GSC 1 is the tallest plant by far. She’s between 4-5 inches tall. Her seed casing was still sitting on top of the stem, so I gently removed it so she can get more light up top and start growing her first fan leaves. ??? is doing surprisingly well seeing how she was a free seed. Already got her four fan leaves going strong and she’s about 3 inches tall. GSC 2 is doing really well also. She’s about 4 inches tall and also has her fan leaves growing. She’s tall and skinny. GGA, where do I begin? She was the weakest seed and I planted her while saying a prayer that she pulls through. We have a fighter. She’s not much to look at, but she is alive, and she is working hard. She’s about 3/4 inches tall but she is bent over, I think she’ll straighten out though. Also showing signs of starting to get her first leaves. ZDF 2, my baby. She’s the strongest of the group for sure. Very nice thick stem and has the first leaves. I’d say she’s between 3-4 inches tall, so not the biggest, but she looks to be the happiest of the ladies. Really excited to see where she takes us. HPA is looking good, definitely better than the GGA, but she germinated a lot better. She’s also about 3-4 hours inches tall and has her first leaves. All the ladies were reaching for that light, so I lowered it and centered it better. If any others are leaning too much tomorrow, I will help support them with bamboo skewers as well. Hoping lowering my light will help with that. Not feeding any just yet, I’ll wait another week and decide what to do then. Very impressed with these babies so far. We’ll see how we do on day 8! 🤗

4 years ago

Whiplashpants Getting anxious for another update. :-)

Day: 6

Wedding day and I’m away from the ladies, looking forward to being back home tomorrow and watering them and checking their growth.

4 years ago

Day: 5

Had to leave for a wedding out of town today, so I sprayed some water on the girls before I left and checked the moisture level with a meter before I left.

4 years ago

Day: 4

All seeds but one Gorilla Glue Auto and one Heavy Purple Auto germinated. 80% germination rate. Planted GGA and HPA in 5 gallon fabric pots. Planted 2 Zombie Death Fucks. Only one has the potential to throw twins. Planted 2 Girl Scout Cookies, these were my best seeds. Both long tap roots and look healthy already. Planted one free Unknown seed. These seeds did well too, but I only planted one of them because I only had five one gallon fabric pots. Will transplant all photoperiods into 10 gallon fabric pots in 3-4 weeks.

4 years ago

PresaCanario I think it’s better to plant photo seedlings in a small pot/solo cup first. Soil will dry out sooner and will give you a better root system compared to planting seeds into 5 gal. Plus less chance of drowning the seedlings from overwatering.

mavryk The ones I planted into the 5 gallon pots are the autoflowers. I didn’t want to risk stunting them by transplanting since they’re more fragile when it comes to transplanting. All the smaller pots are my photos

Day: 3

Checked seeds this morning after 3.5 days and holy shit they look good. Gorilla Glue Auto and Heavy Purple Autos are disappointing me though. Neither GGA have cracked open and only one HPA has cracked. Free Unknown and GSC seeds are kicking ass though. Really REALLY pleased with my Zombie Death Fucks as well. Both seeds have thrown out twin taproots, so I’ll have more plants to grow than I thought I would. Can’t wait to get home and get these babies into some Roots Organic soil and let them go. To say this was a good morning is an understatement.

4 years ago

Day: 3

Checked seeds after 24 hours when I got home from work and WOW. Uploaded all pictures into Procreate and wrote my assessment on there. 6/10 seeds broke and roots started growing. Leaving seeds after re-wetting paper towels for tomorrow. Hoping the remaining four seeds wake up because we’ve got work to do. Added a revised photo to say Day 3 instead of Day 2. Wouldn’t let me delete the original picture, so now there’s two pictures of the same data...

4 years ago

Day: 2

Moved seeds into paper towels after sitting in distilled water for 24 hours. All seeds sank to the bottom of jars. Placed seeds in paper towels then dampened paper towels and drained off excess water.

4 years ago

Day: 1

Seeds started in distilled water. Two Zombie Death Fuck, two free unknown seeds, two Gorilla Glue Autos, two Heavy Purple Autos, and two free Girl Scout Cookies. Saving remaining seeds for another time.

4 years ago