Fall 2022

Armoire Setup


Day 84 (Week 12)



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Day: 84


Going to start the final PH booster increase. Buds are filling out and getting a bit too heavy for her.

6 months ago

Day: 72


Shes looking pretty good. Still probably have another 3-4 weeks.

7 months ago

Day: 47


Watering day, she’s looking great. Stretch should be done.

8 months ago

Day: 44


Stretch is almost done. Some amazing tops, which do you think is the main?

8 months ago

Day: 41


Stretch is slowing, going to start to defoliate and remove lower nodes in the next few days.

8 months ago

Day: 39


Oh man, she’s sky rocketed! Hopefully her stretch will be done soon.

8 months ago

drdave1 Can I ask you about what your growing in

BVR Keeping it basic. Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Hollow out the middle and place Fox Farms Happy Frog. Checking soil Ph is a must though with Fox Farms. I’ve had hit or miss till I started adjusting for that.

BVR Or you could mean the Armoire. Quick search, you will find it. They are nice but also have plenty of cons.

Day: 35

Took very well to the training and the stretch begins!

8 months ago


sir_terpes024 Always good when the genetics can handle some stress like that! 🤌🏽🌱 looks amazing that plant is a beast!

Day: 28

Some training today, and she’s looking good

8 months ago

Day: 9

Water mostly outer edge to get an inch or so deep.

9 months ago

Day: 6

Looking pretty good

9 months ago

Day: 3

Looking great!

9 months ago

Day: 1

Hazz popped yesterday!

9 months ago