My First Plant

Only one that lived out of 20 seeds that I planted

Ak-47 x AppleSauce

Day 32 (Week 5)

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Day: 32

She’s going through some things after transplanting but we are working them out.

2 years ago

Day: 22

Starting to see a lot more vertical height since I removed the tie downs.

2 years ago

Day: 20

Topped yesterday, responding well

2 years ago

Day: 19

Today I topped and tied down the other branches, growing great

2 years ago

Day: 15

Cat ate part of two of the leaves while I wasn’t looking but URI is still growing fine. Finally was able to tell the sex of the plant today (female).

2 years ago

Day: 13

Day 13 above soil and growing perfectly. Used zip ties to hold fan leaves down to allow better growth

2 years ago

Kushy You start low LST much earlier than suggested. Interested to know the results. Did you top them too, at this point?

Day: 11

Third nodes are starting to show. Plants new name is URI. Growing amazing

2 years ago

Day: 10

Transferred to bigger pot last night Second nodes are comin in great

2 years ago

Day: 9

Second nodes are starting to take shape

3 years ago

Day: 7

7 days sprouted out of the soil, growing beautifully.

3 years ago

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