Shivas Fruit

Zero nutes so far

This is a brand new strain

Altitude genetics

Day 76 (Week 11)


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Day: 76

That’s a bad ass bitch

21 days ago

Day: 75

This lady is gettin chopped either tomorrow or the next day

22 days ago


ig:@eaegifts Very nice training and tasty looking buds..great job

Day: 73


This thicc broad looking ripe . Considering 24 hrs light then 24 hrs dark before I chop

24 days ago


bigbudhopes20 Why 24 of each what does that do? I’ve only head of 48 dark before chop. Just curious!🤪

Day: 69

Another 5 days for this one

a month ago

Day: 67


Didn’t realize how far behond she was

a month ago

Day: 66

Left front , the youngest of the 3 but most pretty. I’m tempted to chop her early but I want the Hindu Kush indica effect to hit hard and that will require some amber frost

a month ago

Day: 62

She’s fading hard

a month ago

Day: 59

Lovely colors

a month ago

Day: 55


Just wanna show here how much some simple LST will spread your autoflowers’ canopies

a month ago


SnowDog_X1 Really nice wide canopy for auto, LST looks great! 👏

Day: 55

Nitrogen deficiency ? It’s in Ocean Forrest soil I’m surprised it’s going nitro deficient

a month ago


SnowDog_X1 Ca/Mag supplementing? What’s pH?


keithlovesrach It’s not a calcium or magnesium deficiency. Although adding cal mag is a good idea, it won’t fix this.

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Day: 50

Over halfway there Shiva!

2 months ago

Day: 42

Fed power bloom and earthworms castings

2 months ago

Day: 40

Preflowers! Time to stretch

2 months ago

Day: 36


Shiva here is just spreading em for me

2 months ago

Day: 33

Responding well to LST

2 months ago

Day: 28

She looks so healthy I love it

2 months ago

Day: 26

Just started training

2 months ago

Day: 9

Idk why this sprout is stunted I wish it would hurry and open already

3 months ago


Reckless Will be following your grow! Add updates from when it opens up all the way!

Day: 2

She sprouted just hours after I planted and it’s helmet fell right off

3 months ago