First grow (Mids)

Autumn - Winter grow

6 mids seeds; looking for 3.5 - 5 oz yield and several clones


Day 50 (Week 8)

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Day: 50

Put her outside, looks way better

5 years ago

Day: 39


5 years ago

Day: 26

Better to focus on one healthy plant? Was my first grow anyway, the other two plants are outside

5 years ago

DehLoaf I noticed every plant had three leaves so I decided to concentrate on one healthy plant and control stress levels

Dukeshaba You killed your others? That’s crazy bro my first run I had 7 plants and the only one to make it all the way was my runt and I got about a qp from her

Day: 25

Things went downhill when I got sick but this is what’s been goin on

5 years ago


leland3471 Well...that one looks good still!!!

Day: 12

12 hrs of light + food today

5 years ago

Bunkerbudsp Why 12 hours? I. Veg it should be 19-24 hours of light a day

DehLoaf Oop I had no idea I’ll take that into consideration

Day: 11

Put the plants a bit deeper into the pots

5 years ago

Dukeshaba Interesting man I’ve never seen someone replant them deeper

Day: 10


5 years ago

Mongogrows What happen to the 5th one

Dukeshaba It looks like #1 is looking for him

DehLoaf Green pot is still alive just not with this bunch

Day: 8

Plants currently get roughly 10 hours of natural light. Plants are labeled a to e from left to right. I don know what’s going on with little e but he seems to have stunted any suggestions as to why?

5 years ago


Leland3471 Maybe he’s pissed cause of the different color pot?

Mongogrows Out of the eight that I have I have one that is a late bloomer as well

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Day: 7

Steady growth, plants look exceptionally well for the circumstances with light and space

5 years ago

Mongogrows U growing out side ? Damn that’s tricky

DehLoaf Not entirely they’re on both indoor and outdoor light until they grow a bit bigger. I live in the Caribbean so I can really have outside as much I want. I’m about to build a pvc box for them soon so I’ll post that

Day: 6

5 have come through and now are in pots and will soon be put inside once the week is through

5 years ago

Day: 4

4 thriving 2 still working through the motions

5 years ago

Day: 3

4 with progress 2 with no visible progress

5 years ago

Caliboy423 Wow that one on the left popped up quick

DehLoaf I’m surprised too, maybe keeping them in the dark helps during germination

Day: 2

No visible progress on any of the 6 seeds

5 years ago

Day: 1

First time germinating by peat pellets Product seen: Jiffy Windowsill Greenhouse 12 pack from Home Depot

5 years ago

DehLoaf 6:30 p.m 10/18/19