Zkittles (dulce)

Summer 2021

Zkittles feminized In super soil


Day 28 (Week 4)

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Day: 28

Haven’t posted in a few days. Wanted to give her some time to grow so I can tie her down

2 years ago

Day: 23

Topped her for the second time today. Gonna give her a few days to bounce back and grow her 4 nodes out a little more before I top her one last time.

2 years ago

Day: 21

Dulce has bounced back from when I topped her. I can see new nodes coming in slowly but surely.

2 years ago


jarab187 It looks good I'm trying at myself- 1st time but only did 4 mainlins with thm and got 12 clons out of it-

xx_shorticus_xx Sweet! I did 8 mains in my first grow

Day: 20

So I tied her down today and removed the lower growth. In a couple of days I’ll top her for the second time. Gotta let her nodes grow a bit before I do.

2 years ago

Day: 18

Today is when I will top dulce for the first time! She grew so fast! She’s ready. I’m going to leave the lower growth for a couple of days so it can help her recover from the top. Once she does I’ll remove the lower growth and tie her down to begin the training.

2 years ago

Day: 17

She’s already growing her 5th nodes so I’ll be topping down to 3 when she does so I can start training her.

2 years ago

Day: 14

Her 4th node is coming in slowly but surely 😁. I turned on her ventilation fan today to make sure she’s getting fresh oxygen.

2 years ago

Day: 12

She’s standing tall and looking great!

2 years ago

Day: 11

Just transplanted her in her permanent fabric pot

2 years ago

Day: 10

She seems to be growing a bit faster 🤔 still looks great

2 years ago

Day: 8

3rd node slowly but surely coming in

2 years ago

Day: 7

Dulce has officially sprouted her 3 finger leaves

2 years ago


Sevenleafs Nice! What are you feeding them and what light (and how close) do you have?

xx_shorticus_xx I’m about to start feeding it a product called “Fish Sh!t” and “SLF 100” but to this point just water. My lights are more than 20” above it.

Day: 7

Looking good! Started watering with fish sh!t and SLF 100

2 years ago

Day: 5

Still looking good

2 years ago

Day: 4

Dulce is looking healthy. I can see her 3 finger leaves coming in already. She’s growing much faster than Lois.

2 years ago

Day: 3

Dulce is growing at a steady pace! I’m very excited for this grow!

2 years ago

Day: 2

After planting the seedling into a solo cup it has begun to sprout. Looking good so far

2 years ago


kopykoo 💙🦍

Day: 1

Seed is showing signs of life after soaking for 24 hrs

2 years ago