Three Gallon Grow

Fall/Winter 2021

Aurora roots organic soil and Soul nutrient line used in three gallon fabric pots. 500w of LED 3k for flower; 150w LED 4K for veg; 4x4x7 tent

ILGM Fem Blue Dream and Skywalker OG

Day 197 (Week 29)

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Day: 197

9 qt of bud, 8 qts of shake of shake, plus 3 cups of Kiel

2 years ago


ozzy_gunja Nice Bounty 💯 What you doin with your shake etc? Always get a kick out of what can be done with trash… RSO, Tinctures, Oils, Butters, BHO to Rosins 💪🏼🔥


ozzy_gunja Gotta love those 3 cups of Kief 💯🔥🔥🔥 Put that straight through your RosinPress 💨

masscangrow Most of The shake will go into grain alcohol for an ice extraction. Some for butter.

Day: 192

Chop chop

2 years ago

Day: 182

Week 9 of 12/12. Straight flush.

2 years ago

Day: 175

Week 8 bloom nutes after watering to runoff. Last week of nutes

2 years ago

Day: 168

Week 7 bloom nutes after water to runoff

2 years ago

Day: 161

Week 6 bloom nutes at 60% strength ~1000ppm after watering to runoff. Released lady bugs yesterday to combat thrip infestation

2 years ago

Day: 154

Week 5 nutes after watering to runoff.

2 years ago


G-Thang Timmmmmmbbbbbeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!


GreenNinjaMaster Looks like you may have spider mites or thripes

masscangrow It’s thrips

Day: 35

Removed lower leaves and branches from robust plants. Monitoring the runts. All plants got week 2 veg nutes at 40% strength to run off (5 gallons total for four plants)

3 years ago


ganjaman420 Plants look healthy! Can’t imagine dealing with all of those plants with different needs. You’ll be a good cannabis grower!

masscangrow Thanks Ganjaman! Hope all is well with you and your family!

Day: 32

Two are going strong and were topped at the fifth node today. The runts are plugging along.

3 years ago


SaintAnderson77 NOICE🔥 mind taking a look at my lemon Kush journal? I can’t tell if they’re ready yet

Day: 15

4/11 germinated fully, ones a runt, nothing yet on 6. 2 blue dreams and 2 sky walkers, no Cali Dream.

3 years ago