Back to normal thanks guys BUT


Thanks guys its back to normal ..but is my baby on flowering stage or not it and doest look normal or not yet


Day 115 (Week 17)

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Day: 115


Plz can anyone with good eyes tell me the percentage of colors in here plz and thanks

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Personal preference really mate. Most go for 10% amber or more because they want a more couch lock stone. I’d choose a higher cbd strain if that’s what I wanted to feel and harvest at mostly cloudy. Any further you are just losing thc.

ClandestineWestOz I see quite a few ambers and those buds look delicious I’d consider chopping asap if it was mine but wait for others opinions.

kegstand_vane I agree with clandestine my friend a lot of it is personal preference and what your looking for for a kind of high I see lots of milky/cloudy with some amber mixed in and possibly a few clear which generally means it’s gonna be a bit more on the couch lock side for an effect that’s personally what I like and aim for which is why I let mine go as long as possible but they are probably ready mate flip them to dark and chop chop only way to really find out if you have any more seeds from these strains that you have ran this time around though this will be a good way to tell for next time what your looking for from the plant

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Day: 110


Flushed 4 days ago ..any feedback plz thinking to take one down in 10 days

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Looks delicious mate, you’re doing a great job.

Ag10ks Thanks bro think its about time to harvest or 10 days more not enough??

kegstand_vane Let her go for as long as humanly possible man you won’t be disappointed some of them look amazing great big colas and if you leave them for another two weeks or so probly they will harden right up with weight still seeing a lot of white pistils so another two weeks or so my man maybe even longer if you could stand it I know how hard it is to wait but you gotta do it and don’t worry to much about the taste man I swear it won’t be that harsh

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Day: 106

Is this looks ready to flush??

4 years ago

ClandestineWestOz Are 80% of pistils browning and receding into the calyx? Looks almost done by the leaves starting to die. Your calyxes will swell and almost look like it’s hosting a seed.

Ag10ks Ok hold on plz i will upload 2 more pictures and see ...cuz its my first growing i really have no idea about this stage so far thanks for your help

Ag10ks I would say 70% yes they i just want to met the harvest time with the best flush.. would it be bad to start flushing cuz its should be there feeding day today and im kinda confused

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Day: 103


Shoul i start the flush and stop feeding or not yet??

4 years ago

Ag10ks Plz can someone help me if i should stop feeding and flush it out ??


Wiser_greenery How many weeks has it been. If you’re in your last 2 weeks start flushing it

Ag10ks Im in week 7 flowering...hiw many time should i flush and every how long

Day: 96


First day of week 6 flowering 10/14 under 1500 and 600 LED and 600 LED on the side But i see some strange things here and there as well as the both speedy feels like slowing down big time and the Afghan1 shows strange signs any feedback plz

4 years ago

kegstand_vane What are these strange signs your talking about my friend and yes they should be all done growing up by now their only focus should be bud development

Ag10ks I will upload the rest of the pictures...strange colors on leaves and slow down on fatting the buds as well as very thin leafs on the Afghani1

kegstand_vane Are you talking about the yellowing of the tips of some of your leaves and ya it’s a weird thing not sure why they do it but sometimes after they have been switched to flower the leaves get real skinny cuz they aren’t seeking out as much light as they were in the veg stage

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Day: 82


First day of week 4 flowering..2 doing great other 2 low production...added one more 600w LED to the side ( 600w 300w both LED on top and 600w LED on the side) your feedback will be helpful thanks all

4 years ago

kegstand_vane Honestly they all look really good to me man and with the wattage you got going in there and the placement of the lights I think you should pull off quite a haul with what you got going on

Ag10ks Thanks man its just my first grow so i dont really have much exp but learned alot from this one my next patch will be nice mix as well just seeing how this trip will end

Day: 75


Here is the other ones

4 years ago

Day: 65


12/12 the speedy chilli gain 11 cm in just 3 days of flowering from 77cm jumped to 88cm is this normal for indica?? The Afghani #1 only gained 5 cm from 79cm to 84cm they look pretty good form me but if anyone has advice plz feel free oh ya the short ones at the back these are skunk#1 all of them at day 37 days but the afgh at 65 days

4 years ago

kegstand_vane Skunk and afghani generally stay a little bit more on the short side never ran speedy chilli but maybe it’s a hybrid and that might seem like a lot but like I said the general rule of thumb is that they will almost double in size once the stretch is over some strains just like to stretch a little more

Ag10ks They dont want to stop getting taller almost they gain 10 cm every question adding more light i the flowering stage will increase my yield or not really as well as should i just turn on the blooming light or both lights veg and bloom??

kegstand_vane Generally for flower you should have both veg and bloom lights on so it gets all the wavelengths and yes adding more lights will add to your overall yield but even better if you can strategically place them you can make Sure some of the Lower branch sites will get the light they deserve cuz if not they turn into little light airy buds so if you can make sure to get some light to the lower bud sites you’ll be even better off which is why people do lst and topping and scrog nets so they can have an even canopy and allow the Lower branches to be grown up where as if not they wouldn’t be worth anything

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Day: 14


Days 14 of flowering 11/13 light 125cm speedy chilly .....100 cm Afghani1...... 87 cm skunk 1 ....80cm speedy chilly...... 78cm skunk

4 years ago

kegstand_vane Go to YouTube and look up pigeons420 that’s his name on there he has hundreds of videos on anything and everything you could ever need to know go to playlists and he has a bunch of training videos for plants good info for you to have for next time especially on keeping them short and bushy rather then tall and gangley they all look good at this point all you can do is wait and see what they produce for flower you def need another fan in there or something though cuz the stocks seem kinda skinny and a good constant breeze can really strengthen stocks and branch’s you don’t want branches or anything to snap once they start producing heavy flowers

Ag10ks Thank you bro, you've been helpful throughout this experience, I appreciate it. Plz keep it up till the end of this trip 👍🏼👍🏼🤗

kegstand_vane Of course my friend I’ll be keeping a close eye on your grow till the end and on future grows you post can’t wait to see what you learn and apply to your next grow