Indoor spring to summer grow

4 auto plants in 70%coco 30%perlite using hid lighting currently have a metal halide for vegative stage the light is running at 400watts with the light 60cm from the canopy I will be using a Australian nutrient line called floramax will be adding monosilic acid and molasses on top of nutrients just started first feeding with full seedling recommended on the floramax chart adding some molasses but no silica yet the temps at around 28degrees 40% humidity

Mandrinecream auto from pure instinto

Day 22 (Week 4)


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Day: 22

Moved states now on full nutrients

3 days ago

Day: 13


11 days ago

Day: 12

Going to flush after the light comes back on

12 days ago

Day: 11

Going to let them dry out another day and flush water tomorrow

13 days ago

Day: 10

Watered them with full chart nutrients and they are loving it :) will be flushing next watering tomorrow:)

14 days ago

Day: 9

Feed them some organabud which is mainly kelp and they are coming along nicely

15 days ago

Day: 8

They drank up the water really fast so I gave them a rather large feeding again I’ve also added a wet towel to raise the humidity

17 days ago

Day: 8

Doing to water again soon :)

16 days ago

Day: 7

Starting to get bigger just watered them with water only ph 5.5

18 days ago

Day: 6

Looking healthy and slowly getting bigger :)

19 days ago

Day: 5

They have just popped I will be updating soon :)

20 days ago