Aurora First Grow

Summer 2018

Growing an Aurora Indica in a 2x4x6 indie set up using air pots, coco loco, kindsoil, and viparspectra (led). There are two plants in the tent this one and a Shaman.

Aurora Indica Nirvana Farms

Day 42 (Week 6)

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Day: 42

First off I want to apologize to everyone for this being a little later than usual. I’ve had a pretty hectic week with family, work, and planning a vacation I’m taking this month. Which by the way I’m at the end of this month there is going to be a week with no real update. I’m having someone I trust keep an eye on my babies, but I wont be able to really give a progress update from out of the country. Now to the juicy stuff that you all care about. Which honestly is probably a bit lack luster because there isn’t really much to report about. Overall my temps, humidity and all that jazz have been stable and I think I can finally say I’ve diverted my nutrient burn issues I was having before, but I’ll go a little more in depth with that in a moment. Shelby has me kind of confused if I am totally honest with you all. I do believe she is growing really well since the incident of snapping. She has pushed all her energy across the rest of her vegetation. Some days I feel like she “looks” happy and other days not so much. Her color is a slightly lighter green which I cannot tell if that is because of the strain or if it’s an issue on the horizon. So I’m playing it by ear in that respect.

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Wiser_greenery Give it a week of recovery she’ll be alright my friend. Looks good tho

Day: 38

Hey all just another quick update. So I have some of the worst luck. I think it has to do with all these planets in retrograde currently. Well, to the point when moving my Aurora I somehow managed to snap a good chunk off. It was heartbreaking. Now why I said it was only sorta a sad day is because my plant snapped not far from where I would have probably topped it anyway. I mean I lost more than I wanted to, but it shouldn’t hurt the plant too much. We shall see what happens!

4 years ago

Day: 35

So after a stressful growing week I think and I put emphasis on think I have gotten everything back in order. My plants seem to be thriving again and for lack of a better word happy compared to how they were. Now what was my issue you may be asking. Well, it was a few different issues leading to the whole situation. To put it as simple as possible the issue was nutrient burn. For those of you who are not familiar with nutrient burn is when a plant is taking up way to many nutrients through it’s roots. The excess nutrients begin to store in the leaves and if they are not used the leaf tips begin to brown as the browning progresses the leaves will also begin to yellow until eventually the leaf dies. Now I’m using a combination of KindSoil and Coco Loco follwoing the KindSoil directions. Now this isn’t a stab at KindSoil whatsoever it is a cautionary tale for those of you using a similar set up. YOU MUST HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR TENTS CLIMATE! So what I believe after research and looking back on my personal grow journal is that I lost control of my climate for too long of a period of time. When I received the email sometime from Viparspectra (LED grow light) I decided to go by their instructions which was to lower my light down and turn on both the veg and bloom switched (prior I was only using veg). When I turned on bloom my tent of course got hotter, but it still stood in a reasonable range. Where my real issue began was here when my tent temps went up my humidity plummeted. Before using both lights I would average humidity between about 50% -60% with the elevated temps my tent humidity was between 32%- 45%. Now most people when growing only talk about the issues of high humidity never low so let me flesh away at this a bit. Plants can take in water two ways the first and most commonly known is the uptake of water through the roots the second and lesser known is through the plants leaves. When humidity drops to low and the leaves have little or no water to absorb from the air they pull all their water up from the soil; which in my case lead to my plants also pulling in the nutrients quicker than they should have. So low humidity in combination with a bad watering habit (whoops!) lead to a bit of nutrient burn. After correcting my light, humidity and watering issues it seems all is well! I also thought ahead. Now that I know my humidity could drop to dangerously low levels I bought a small humidifier that I can place in my tent to help counter act that effect. I also just increased the watering of my plants a tad.

4 years ago

Day: 28

So it’s been a a long week for me between work and personal matters I’ve been a little bit out of the headspace for this grow. Not enough for anything to drastic to happen, but I didn’t. Now to the nitty gritty of it all. My plants seem to have been developing an issue. Some of my fan leaves are yellowing and browning on the ends in a weird manner. This being my first grow I assumed it had to be because I changed my light height; in the end I found this not to be the case. After some help from a few fellow growers I found my issue to be nutrient burn I’ll talk more on it next week once I get everything back in order. This Aurora Indica strain doesn’t seem to fair as well under the stress of the nutrient burn. It’s showing signs and symptoms much more readily than the Shaman strain growing right beside it. Hope to have this corrected quickly before any real issues occur.

4 years ago

Day: 21


Tent is still running in optimal temperatures and humidity. Spoke to a few other growers to get there advice on how my babies were doing. I was given the suggestion to bring down my lights closer to them now that they are in full vegetation stage. So my lights that were originally at about 90cm from the tops of my plants are now about 57cm from the tops of my plants and they are loving it! You can already see the difference in the matter of just a couple days. Beyond that my grow seems to be pretty good. The Aurora strain is growing shorter than the Shaman strain which was expected since aurora is a indica dominant plant and Shaman being sativa dominant. I’m currently doing more research on proper training techniques. I believe at this point I will be going with a combination of LST (low stress training) and Topping, but I’ll be waiting for there to be six well formed nodes before my first cut. Till next time friends!

4 years ago

Day: 14

Tent has been running in optimal humidity and temperatures. Growth seems to be pretty good so far. No complains!

4 years ago

Day: 7

All seems very well in the tent. The aurora. It does not seem to be as strong as the Shaman sativa that is in the same tent. I am still very with the progress at this point.

4 years ago

Day: 4

It has been a little over a week now since I planted my seedlings into their final pots for long term growth and so far it seems to be going pretty well. I finally got my tent temperatures to stabilize. While the lights are on my average temperatures range between 74-76 degrees F. My humidity I’m still playing around with a bit. I purchased a proper fan for my grow tent to aid in air circulation and because I have my tent in an area that does tend to see higher humidity levels I bout this really cool dehumidifier kind of thing. If anyone finds they are having similar issues with humidity I purchased The EvaDry E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier. It cost $25 USD. Seemed kinda pricey, but looking into it more it called my eye. It uses no electricity to work because it’s filled with silica beads the description says it should last 3-8weeks and then when it’s “full” you just plug it in over night and the unit drys out the beads making it good to use again! My humidity was ranging before between 57% and 74%. The ranges I’m trying to keep are between 50% - 60%. Since putting the device in my tent is sitting right around 51% which I’m happy about because I know come flowering I need to be keeping my tent between 40% - 50%. So besides all that the plants are looking great! Made a slight mistake tried to lower my light a little bit figuring it would help the plants and both went from standing straight up to falling over. I very quickly corrected the light position and by the next day my plants started to stand back up. Not nearly as perfectly straight as they had been before hand, but back to a normal enough position that I’m no longer worried about them. Everything else has just been simple up keep and the grow continues If the fan I’m using for my tent is important to you I purchased a Vivosun 6″ Portable Desktop Clip on Fan.

4 years ago